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Windows + Doors for Custom Homes

Innotech Windows + Doors is a Canadian manufacturer of high-performance windows and doors. Our energy-efficient windows and doors are installed in highly sustainable and award winning custom homes throughout Canada and the United States.

Innotech was established in 2001 in British Columbia Canada​ and has grown to become the largest exclusive manufacturer of German engineered windows and doors. Our expertise in manufacturing, robust testing and quality assurance programs, and continuous improvements result in time proven windows and doors with outstanding thermal insulation, superior air, water and sound resistance, and remarkable durability.

Trusted by progressive building professionals and homeowners, our products are specified and installed in high-performance custom homes. From contemporary luxury residences, off-grid cabins, comfortable city dwellings, Passive House multi-generational homes to pre-fabricated modular spaces, Innotech windows and doors can help you achieve your required performance targets and desired architectural vision.

Contemporary Residences

Our wide range of custom made windows and doors provides design professionals the flexibility to achieve your architectural vision without compromising performance, comfort and durability.

True Triple Glazing

Our discerning clients specify our windows and doors to design and build sustainable and durable homes. We invite you to look beyond the glass to discover why our Defender 76TS System offers much more than three panes of glass.

Sustainable Communities

Our architectural windows and doors are specified for multi-phase mixed housing communities. Differentiate your next sustainable development with high-quality European windows and doors.

Tilt + Turn Advantage

The tilt and turn function is much more than an operating type. The Innotech Tilt + Turn Advantage delivers superior energy efficiency, effective natural ventilation, decades of optimal performance and much more.

Passive House Custom Homes

Innotech manufactures Passive House Institute (PHI) certified windows and doors. With exceptional thermal values and our standard superior air-water-structural performance, our PHI-certified windows and doors are designed specifically for North American Passive House projects.

Anchoring Method Installation

A high-quality installation is critical to both the performance of the window and the overall performance of your project. Discover the benefits of installing windows and doors using the anchoring method.

High-Performance Windows + Doors

Explore our wide selection of high-performance windows and exterior doors. Custom manufactured for each project, our windows and doors are also available in a variety of decorative, functional and performance options.

Tilt + Turn Window

Tilt + Turn Windows


Innotech tilt and turn windows achieve exceptional energy efficiency, air tightness, water resistance and sound control. Innovative and easy to operate European-style windows also provide excellent natural ventilation, high levels […]

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Extra Wide Doors

Terrace Swing Doors


Terrace Swing Doors are available in a variety of sizes, colours and combinations. Select from single doors, double doors, and doors combined with top or side fixed or operable windows […]

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Lift and Slide Door in Living Room

Lift + Slide Doors


Innotech offers two different lift and slide door systems: the Defender 76LS and the Defender 88LS. While both systems provide the same smooth operation, the Defender 76LS is recommended for smaller […]

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Front Entry Doors

Entry Doors


We manufacture a variety of entry doors to create memorable first impressions. Custom entry doors combined our signature Hybrid Framing System and multipoint locking hardware to ensure your entry door […]

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Windows + Doors for Custom Homes

Innotech windows and doors are specified for a wide range of architectural styles. All windows and doors are custom manufactured in Canada to achieve your required performance targets and desired aesthetics.