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Defender Hardware System

Innotech windows and doors provide effective security against casual break-ins. Our windows and doors are equipped with the Defender Hardware System – an integrated set of features that includes multipoint locking hardware, steel reinforcement and welded frame construction.

Multipoint Locking Hardware

Each window and door sash is surrounded by a band of fully-adjustable steel hardware that securely bolts to the frame at multiple points. The number of locking points increases with the size of the window or door.

In the tilt position, the Defender Hardware System prevents the sash from being opened completely. This allows you to tilt your windows and doors for ventilation, without concern for forced entry.

Steel Reinforcement

Each window and door is internally reinforced with structural galvanized steel. The unseen steel not only provides structural strength, but also makes the framing stiffer and resistant to forced entry.

Welded Corner Construction

Each window and door sash is welded together into a one-piece, internally reinforced assembly that cannot be disassembled or broken apart.

Add It All Up

A common point of entry for intruders is through a window or door that has been kicked in or forced open. The combination of the multi-point locking hardware, steel reinforcement and welded frames and sash corners, make it impossible to kick in the door framing or forcefully open the window to protect you and your home against break and enters.