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Cadence is a stunning ultra modern West Coast home with breathtaking oceanfront views. Designed and built by an award-winning team, the 5,000 square foot Vancouver Island residence brings together the best in architecture, design and construction.

With its back against a mature forest and overlooking the Strait of Georgia, Cadence mirrors the ocean’s waves with its gently curved roofs and arched windows. Designed with extra large expanses of glass for unimpeded views (and whale watching!) from every room, the windows are a critical factor of the home’s comfort, performance and durability.

While oceanfront living is a majestic lifestyle, it brings with it powerful storms with strong winds, driving rain and corrosive ocean spray. Building with technologies and products designed to withstand coastal conditions allows the homeowners to comfortably enjoy many years of spectacular storm watching without fear of deteriorating poor quality building materials.

In addition to performance for oceanfront weather conditions, the homeowner selected Innotech products because of the many extra large window and door openings in the home. Our Hybrid Framing System features integrally bonded steel reinforcement in every lineal frame and sash profile providing excellent structural performance. Cadence has many extra large windows, almost all of them combined with other large windows to simulate window walls.

Designed to take full advantage of oceanfront living, Cadence was built to exacting standards. The home has spectacular unobstructed views without compromising structural integrity, air-water-sound performance and durability.

Builder: TS Williams Construction
Architect: KB Design
Interior Designer: The Interior Design Group
Innotech Dealer: North Pacific Window & Glass
Photography: Artez Photography