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In Depth: Benefits of Anchoring Method Window Installation

A high-quality installation is critical to both the performance of the window and the overall performance of your project. And how the window or door is secured to the building is an important contributing factor to a successful installation.

Innotech windows and side hinged doors are both installed using the anchoring method with strap anchors. There are many benefits to using the anchoring method instead of the traditional nail flange method.

Innotech strap anchors are made of durable galvanized steel and are about 5.5″ long.

The anchoring method is a proven way to structurally attach a window or door into an opening of a building. Innotech strap anchors are made of durable galvanized steel and are engineered specifically for use with our products.

Strap anchors are attached into the frame of the window or door at recommended positions around all four sides. The prongs are easily inserted into the wide groove of the edge of the frame then turned clockwise 90 degrees to gently lock them into position. Typically, the strap anchors are installed 6″ on either side of every corner and 12″ on center between the corner anchors.*

The strap anchors are positioned at the corners and around the frame.

Once the strap anchors are in place, the window or door is then centered inside its opening. Sill and jamb shims are positioned at recommended locations to ensure the sill is level and straight and the window has the necessary gap at the head. When the window or door is ready to be secured, sealant is applied to the side of the anchor that will lie flat against the rough opening; this helps provide an air and water barrier between the interior edge of the frame and the rough opening. The strap anchors are bent gently so they lie flat against the sides of the wall then fastened with screws.*

Once the frame is plumb, level and square within the opening, the strap anchors are screwed in.

Greater Structural Strength

Strap anchors provide greater structural strength for well-built windows or doors. Our steel reinforced frames are heavy. And when they are large and/or triple glazed, they are very heavy! The anchoring method provides the structural strength to securely attach the window or door to the building.

Improved Wind Load Resistance

Strap anchors provide greater wind load resistance. The strap anchors attach in the middle of the frame, whereas nail flanges are located closer to the exterior of the frame. When external wind pressure is applied, a nail flange installed window or door is more likely to press inwards as the frame flexes.

Window or door frames are not intended to constantly or excessively flex. This can lead to warped frames which can damage the insulated glass unit, affect the air and water seal between the insulated glass unit and the frame, and/or affect the air and water barrier between the wall and the frame.

Long-Term Durability

Strap anchors provide the ability to absorb building movement, such as building settlement. The strap anchors are engineered to offer a small amount flexibility so they still provide structurally integrity even when movement occurs. With the nail flange installation method, the flange may break or shift the window or door if there is building movement. A broken nail flange can compromise the structural integrity of the installation, the long-term durability of the window, and the short-term performance of the window (air, water and thermal performance).

More Installation Flexibility

Strap anchors also provide the flexibility to install the window¬† or door anywhere within the wall cavity. In high-performance homes, windows are often installed in the middle or interior of the wall to improve the product’s overall performance.

The right installation method for the product and for the project is one component of a successful window or door installation. The installation method – and its execution! – need to provide the long-term structural and performance benefits that support or enhance the quality of the installed window and door. That’s why Innotech windows and side hinged doors are installed with Innotech strap anchors.

*Refer to our installation instructions for detailed instructions of how to install Innotech windows and doors. Installation may differ depending on product type, installation method or other variable.