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South Rows

South Rows Condominiums is a contemporary multifamily development in Bozeman Montana. Designed by Mosaic Architecture and built by CP Haus, South Rows features 17 residential structures with a total of 57 condos. Each 3-storey condo is beautifully designed with high-end building materials and finishings.

Working closely with our local dealer CP Supply, Innotech manufactured the high-performance windows and patio doors for the condos. Large window assemblies with a black exterior and white interior finish provide stunning mountain views as well as ample natural light and excellent ventilation. The window assemblies at South Rows are some of our favourite: each space features different window assemblies that showcase the design versatility of our windows. Here are a few examples:

The dining room features a classic window assembly with a large fixed window to the left and smaller dual action window to the right.

The living room features a very large window assembly with a large operable window in the upper right.

The sitting area features a single large Tilt + Turn Window. One of the many design advantages of dual action, or tilt and turn, windows is that they can be big and don’t need to be combined with a fixed window.

The master bedroom features another large window assembly and a single large tilt and turn window. In the assembly, the tilt and turn window is located on the upper right, which is the ideal position on a wall for effective ventilation.

For more information and images of South Rows, visit https://southrows.com. Photography by Montana Home Photos.