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TwentyTwenty Apartments

The LEED® Platinum certified TwentyTwenty Apartments is a 7-story steel and concrete multi-family development with 162 luxury urban condos. Innotech windows and doors were specified for the project to help the developer accomplish two goals: bold sustainability targets to achieve LEED® Platinum and clearly defined well-being criteria to reduce noise pollution.

TwentyTwenty Apartments at Sunset

Windows + Doors for Energy Performance

TwentyTwenty was designed and built to achieve LEED® Platinum. Energy modeling during the early design phases determined that a robust building envelope would have the biggest impact on the building’s energy savings. The high-performance building envelope features:

  • 3″ high R-value rigid exterior insulation
  • 8″ rigid insulation at the roof
  • Innotech Defender 76TS windows and doors in the 752 window openings and 52 door openings

In addition to an energy-efficient building envelope, the building also relies on natural lighting and natural ventilation (passive cooling) provided by the many large fixed and operable windows in each apartment. TwentyTwenty also has a large vegetated roof garden that collects and retains storm water to effectively reduce runoff during heavy rains. Download the Sustainability Summary here. 

Windows + Doors for Acoustical Performance

Centrally located in Portland’s northeast, TwentyTwenty is near major transportation including a freight rail line, the TriMet MAX light rail line and the I84 expressway. While convenient for residents, the building’s location meant that it required intentional design and build strategies and materials to effectively reduce noise transmission.

The well-being of a home or office space is heavily impacted by unwanted sound. For TwentyTwenty, the specified noise reduction target for the east, west and north elevations was a minimum of OITC of 28dB and STC of 33dB, while the south facade specified a minimum OITC of 28dB and STC of 37dB.

To meet the important noise reduction targets, Innotech manufactured and supplied our airtight Hybrid Framing System with a 1″ wide insulated glass unit and acoustical glazing. The result is an approximate OITC of 29dB and STC of 35dB for the east, west and north elevations and an OITC of 31dB and STC of 39dB for the south elevation – surpassing the specified minimum requirements.

Prioritizing sustainability and well-being during the design phase ensured TwentyTwenty was built to provide an energy-efficient and durable property for the building owner, while also ensuring comfortable and healthy condos for the building occupants.

Developer: PHK Development
Architect: HACKER Architects
General Contractor: Andersen Construction
Photographer: Jeff Amram