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The Jeffrey Apartments

Located in the cultural district of Portland, Oregon, The Jeffrey Apartments provides 80 units of affordable housing for disabled and special needs individuals with very low incomes.

LEED® Gold Certified, The Jeffrey features a high-performance building envelope that minimizes energy and water use. In fact, the tenants are asked to pay for their own energy costs to encourage conservation. Innotech’s energy efficient hybrid steel + uPVC windows and doors allowed the architects to design the building with large glazed openings. The Tilt + Turn Windows and Tilt + Turn Doors guarantee minimal heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer; thereby helping tenants and the building owner to reduce their energy costs.

In addition to energy efficiency, the architect also wanted to design a beautiful building tenants would be proud to call home. Innotech worked with the architects to integrate innovative glass panel railings into the mulled window and side hinged door assemblies to create functional and modern Juliet balconies. A titanium acryl-protect exterior (exclusive to Innotech) with white interior was chosen. The acryl-protect exterior finish is an acrylic glass layer integrally bonded to the window and door profiles providing a long lasting, scratch resistant color that will stay beautiful for many years.

Watch an inspiring short video on The Jeffrey’s impact on the community in Portland. The video also features a demo of the Tilt + Turn Door.