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Kelowna Views

Building an energy efficient home was a priority for the homeowners of this contemporary home in Kelowna. Without access to natural gas, the home relies on electricity as its primary source of heating – a relatively expensive form of heat that necessitates building a highly insulated home. And while energy efficiency was a priority, designing a home to capture the picturesque city and lake views was a close second.

To achieve both design and build goals, attention (and budget) was given to the building envelope. The home is¬†constructed with ICF blocks in the foundation walls and a double-stud wall assembly for the above grade walls; on a 2×12 plate, a 2×6 wall was placed on the exterior and a 2×4 wall on the interior of the home. The 2×6 wall cavities are filled with generously applied 4″ spray home and the 2×4 wall cavities are filled with 4″ batt insulation. The result is an impressive nominal R-40 wall.

To make sure the windows and doors did not substantially detract from the highly insulated walls, the homeowners choose Innotech windows and doors. Our triple seal system with triple glazing offers excellent air, water and structural performance Рensuring the home remains energy efficient while maximizing views.

Other design and build features include:

  • 24″ batt insulation in the roof for a nominal R-60 ceiling
  • Large 6′ overhangs around the entire house to minimize solar heat gain in the summer while still allowing the sun full access to the windows in winter
  • Trellises on the view side of the house to also help with controlling solar heat gain
  • The home is heated with a high-efficiency electric air-source heat pump (ASHP)
  • Full HRV system for air circulation
  • Back-up heat (for temperatures under -20C) is with the use of an electric furnace and wood burning fireplace with ducting throughout the home

Designed to capture the endless orchard, city and lake views, this beautiful home will provide the homeowners decades of comfort and enjoyment.