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Aux Box

What is an Aux Box? Simply, it is more space.

Aux Box is a BC-based manufacturer of small spaces. And how owners use these prefabricated bonus rooms is up to them: yoga studios, backyard escapes, guest bedrooms, art studios, and (increasingly) home offices. They are contemporary structures that allow owners to do a little more… of whatever they love!

Built in a safe and dry warehouse on Vancouver Island, every Aux Box is built with high-quality building materials by a team that not only has the construction expertise, but also a true passion for their craft. The result is an intentionally functional and highly durable space that is built on schedule with nearly zero waste. And the best part? They can be easily installed almost anywhere.

Innotech has the pleasure of manufacturing the high-performance windows and doors for the various models. Our windows and doors not only provide each Aux Box ample natural light and effective natural ventilation, but also ensure each Aux Box is comfortable – after all, comfort is all-important while playing, working or sleeping!

Aux Box Rendering

To learn more, visit www.auxbox.ca.

Renderings courtesy of Aux Box. Photography by Bright Photo.