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Quality Assurance

From ongoing research and development, triple product testing, and a strict QA schedule, we invest in a robust quality assurance process to manufacture top-performing windows and doors.

Research & Development

Our ongoing research & development ensures we only use proven window and door components. We then fine-tune, continually test and then assemble these to ensure all components work together to meet our aggressive performance and durability standards.

Product Testing

Our extensive testing program is ongoing, including third party laboratory testing, regular in-house quality assurance testing, and high-stakes on-site testing:

NAFS Compliance

Our products are tested to meet NAFS-08 standards by independent third-party laboratories.

In-House Testing Chamber

In addition to third-party testing, we regularly and randomly test our windows and doors in our custom built water testing chamber.

On-Site Testing

The only way to know for certain windows and doors deliver as promised and intended is to test them installed and on-site. On-site testing is often a requirement of our commercial contracts.

Expertise in Manufacturing

Just because a firm has the all the parts, does not mean they can correctly assemble them into an advanced windows and doors system, time and time again. Our manufacturing facility, training process and strict quality assurance schedule come together to deliver our high-performance windows and doors.