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Sustainability Journey


We believe that sustainability is a continuous journey; a journey that is characterized by many small steps that positively impact our planet, our community, our employees and our families. We invite you to join us on our journey towards a green future.

Sustainable Windows + Doors

As a manufacturing company, it is our primary responsibility to ensure the products we offer our customers are sustainable. But what exactly are sustainable windows and doors? We believe there are three factors that contribute to sustainable windows and doors: indoor air quality, energy performance, and durability.

Sustainable windows and doors improve a home or building’s indoor air quality. Innotech windows and doors brighten interior spaces with natural light; provide important and effective ventilation to replace stale air with fresh air; and do not contain harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Sustainable windows and doors help to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Innotech windows and doors exceed most national and international performance standards. This translates directly into less energy to heat your home in winter and cool your home in summer.

Sustainable windows and doors reduce our impact on landfills. Innotech windows and doors last for many years which reduces how often you will need to replace your windows and doors. At the end of their life cycle, all components are recyclable, including the uPVC profiles, the steel inside the profiles, and the glass.

Sustainable windows and doors contribute to beautiful living. Beautiful living includes a comfortable, peaceful and healthy home that is energy efficient.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

In our manufacturing facility in Langley, all aluminum, steel and uPVC scraps are recycled. We are thankful that the Province of British Columbia has one of the leading recycling programs in the country; it allows us to easily recycle all of our scraps.

Here are some of the sustainable initiatives we have committed to:

  • We recycle all cardboard, paper, water bottles and all other recyclables.
  • Incandescant lightbulbs have been replaced (at the end of their life cycle) with energy efficient, LED bulbs.
  • Lights are turned off when offices, showroom and manufacturing plant are not in use.
  • Heating and cooling is turned off when not needed.
  • Our employees are encouraged to drink from reusable mugs and bottles.

As part of our sustainability journey, our goal is to continue to take small steps towards positively impacting our planet, our community, our employees and our families.