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Matt Risinger Visits Innotech

Celebrity builder Matt Risinger of The Build Show and The Build Show Network rolled through our head office and manufacturing facility as part of the High-Performance Building Road Show!  Generously sponsored by SIGA along with Quad-Lock Building Systems and Innotech Windows + Doors, the week-long road show in and around Vancouver included speaking engagements, manufacturing plant tours, and many high-performance project visits. Here are a few of our favourite moments.

Showroom & Manufacturing Plant Tour

Matt and his videographer Jesse visited our showroom and manufacturing facility in Langley BC. We got into all the little details that contribute to our products’ performance and durability; took a look at how our windows and doors are manufactured; and demonstrated our in-house strength, water and air tests.

Matt learning about multi-point locking hardware.

Here we are showing Matt how our multi-point locking hardware functions. The durable hardware is one component that contributes to superior air, water and sound resistance.


Matt learning about our uPVC window profiles.

Just like many other building materials, uPVC window and door profiles need to be properly acclimatized before they are cut and welded.


Water testing chamber action shot.

Up to 10 per cent of the windows and doors we manufacture get tested for air and water resistance in our in-house testing chamber.


High-Performance Project Visits

We had the opportunity to show Matt three of our projects that are currently under-construction, including a Passive House home, a BC Energy Step Code 4 home in Whistler, and another high-performance home in Whistler.

Homeowner/builder Mike Cairns invited Matt into his future multi-generational family home. The home will be a Passive House certified project once complete. It features a Quad-Lock ICF foundation, our PHI-certified windows, and lots of SIGA products. The home achieved an outstanding 0.3459 ACH50 during the mid-construction (pre-drywall) blower door test.

The High-Performance Road Show also visited several homes in Whistler and Squamish. The first home is a BC Energy Step Code 4 (0.6 ACH50 target) home designed by STARK Architecture and built by Sitka Whistler Construction  When complete, the home will feature extensive insulation (R44 walls and R80 roof), our true triple glazed windows and doors, and all the high-performance SIGA products.

The third Innotech-supplied project Matt visited is this modern home by Suter Homes. The project features  high-performance building envelope with our triple glazed windows and doors.

Make sure to tune-in to the BUILD Show to see all of the videos from his week in BC! You can also check out his stories on Instagram for live behind-the-scenes footage of the High-Performance Road Show.

Thanks again to Matt Risinger, the BUILD Show team, and SIGA for a great week.