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Passive House Underway in Langley

In the last two years, the number of Passive House units in North American has quadrupled and over one quarter of these projects are located in the Province of British Columbia (source). One of the reasons the Passive House standard has grown in popularity is because it is a proven building standard that offers an effective pathway for meeting the higher steps of the BC Energy Step Code.

Earlier this year, Innotech Windows + Doors introduced the Defender 88PH System, a Passive House Institute (PHI) certified window system. And while it’s one thing to launch a new window system, it’s even more exciting to see the windows installed in a future Passive House certified project.

Canadian Passive House Certified Window

Canadian Passive House Certified Window

Located in Langley, the 5,230 sq.ft. single-family home is an impressive example of efficiency in design and energy. Designed by Draft on Site Services, the simple and charming modern farmhouse will house two families. As a result, the homeowners prioritized functionality, comfort and sustainability for their new home.

Here are a few of the performance details:

  • R-28 Quad-Lock® Insulated Concrete Form below-grade crawl space wrapped with an additional 3 in. of EPS foam
  • 2×6 wall assembly with rainscreen and exterior insulation
  • SIGA Majvest® facade membrane and SIGA Wigluv® adhesive tape
  • Innotech PHI-certified windows with true triple glazing
  • Innotech Terrace Swing Doors with Guardian Vacuum IG glass
  • R-76 net average roof assembly with blown cellulose and graphite-infused EPS

Read more about this project in the Passive House Buildings Magazine e-Book.

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