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New Colour Collection for Windows + Doors

Innotech is excited to introduce our new colour collection for our windows and doors!

The new collection features ten architectural colours with various finishes from ultra-matt to subtle textures. Available for all Innotech windows and doors, including our Passive House Certified windows and doors, the new colours are available on either the exterior with a white interior finish or on both the exterior and the interior of the windows and doors*.


In recent years, we have seen a dramatic increase in the demand for durable colour finishes on both the exterior and interior of windows and doors. While a white finish remains a classic choice, the black/white and black/black colour combinations have quickly gained popularity. And this year, the anthracite grey has already been specified for a number of multi-family projects.


Durable Laminated Films

The colour finish is made with a multi-layered laminated film that is permanently heat bonded to the uPVC profiles. The laminated films feature a patented technology to reduce heat build-up, an important technology to prevent warping under extreme temperatures. The laminated films are also engineered to resist weathering, including fading, chemicals and scratches, and are easy to clean**. The result is a highly durable colour finish that complements your Innotech windows and doors.

Colour Consistency from Outside to Inside

Windows and doors with a dark colour finish on both the exterior and the interior are manufactured with our dark uPVC profiles. This provides colour consistency from the exterior to the interior of the window or door when these are opened.

Matt Black Exterior & Interior Colour Finish on a Dark Profile


We look forward to seeing what colour finish becomes the most popular this year! While we can’t predict the future, we know our clients will continue to design and build stunning high-performance homes. Click here to view available colours or contact your Product Representative to see samples.


*Some limitations apply. Contact your Product Representative for additional information.
**Clean with a soft cloth using a mild soap and water solution.