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West Coast Contemporary

When it comes to designing with windows and doors, many of us think along the same lines: a single opening here and there, some larger than others and perhaps a few door-window combinations thrown into the mix. But for others, like the homeowner of this multi-million dollar home, windows and doors present an opportunity to create exceptional architectural designs that go beyond traditional thinking.

For this private residence in Ladner, BC, the homeowner wanted to use different sizes, placement, patterns and glass to capture varying perspectives of the river and ocean views. As the windows and doors let in altering natural light, they create slightly different views throughout the day. The artistic use of fenestration also makes the home truly inspiring from both the exterior and interior.

Helping with design and engineering, Innotech worked closely with the homeowner to help him realize his unique vision. The large home and amenities building include dozens of windows and doors, including many Tilt + Turn and Picture Windows, Tilt + Glide Doors, Lift + Slide Doors and Terrace Swing Doors. There are also many different window-door configurations throughout the home.

In addition to having the flexibility to design varying configurations of windows and doors, performance and durability were key criteria. The property is exposed to strong winds from the river, as well as forceful rain and more sunshine than other areas of the Lower Mainland. It was important to make sure that the design was not only aesthetically pleasing, but also well built to withstand it unique climate for many years.