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The Brook

Located on Vancouver’s celebrated North Shore, The Brook is a highly energy efficient residential development. With a distinctive West Coast modernist design that takes advantage of the views and natural surroundings, the architects used concrete, cedar and glass to create a sustainable building with exceptional energy performance.

Designed for a 100-year service life, The Brook features glazed walls of floor to ceiling Innotech Fixed and Tilt + Turn Windows with integral Terrace Swing Doors and Tilt + Glide Doors. The developers chose Innotech products over aluminum framed alternatives because of its exceptional energy efficiency, air and water tightness, and durability. Once the glazing was installed, the developers also remarked on how effectively the windows and doors blocked outdoor traffic noise.

The high performance glass package delivers year round comfort in additional to lowering energy use, even on the south elevation. The glass controls solar heat gain without sacrificing visible light transmission, while its low U-value is complemented by the Hybrid Steel + uPVC System‘s very low conductivity.