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Bay View Residence

The Bay View Residence is an award-winning high-performance custom home designed by the talented team at Capri Architecture. Located in Newport, Oregon, the Bay View Residence is the first certified LEED Platinum V.4 on the Oregon Coast.

Built by Cunningham Built, the home features many energy-efficient technologies, including: passive design strategies, high-performance walls, roof, windows and doors, solar panels, low-flow plumbing and high-efficiency appliances. As a result of its high-performance (energy-efficient) construction, the home generates 100% of its energy demand.

Tilt + Turn Windows throughout the Bay View Residence provide effective natural ventilation when tilted, while ensuring superior air and water resistance when closed (locked).

Innotech Windows + Doors manufactured our Defender 76TS windows and doors for the Bay View Residence. These high-performance windows and doors feature superior airtightness, water resistance and structural performance – key requirements for a home located on the Pacific Ocean.

Photography by David Papazian Photography Inc. For additional photos, click here.