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Innotech Announces Joint Venture with Royal Glaziers

Innotech Windows + Doors is excited to announce it has formed a partnership with Royal Glaziers Inc., a growing BC-based window and door installation company. The strategic joint venture allows Innotech to provide comprehensive installation, service and renovation services for their clients throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Founded in 2001, Innotech Windows + Doors is a BC-based manufacturer that specializes in manufacturing high-performance windows and doors. An undeterred passion for performance and excellence in manufacturing has established Innotech as the manufacturer of choice for performance-driven single family, multi-family and commercial projects in North America. Coupled with an increase in demand for high-performance fenestration, Innotech has experienced rapid growth in the last decade.

Royal Glaziers was established by Franco Dema in 2017 with a mission to provide professional and quality installation services for fenestration manufacturers and general contractors. As the company steadily built a reputation as a trusted installation partner for complex projects, including low and high-rise developments, across British Columbia’s Lower Mainland, Royal Glaziers grew to over twenty well-trained fenestration installers.

“The acquisition of Royal Glaziers allows us to instantly expand our installation and service division to better serve our clients,” says Troy Imbery, President of Innotech Windows + Doors. “We have enjoyed a successful long-standing partnership with Royal Glaziers as a third-party installer of our products. The decision to invite Royal Glaziers to be part of the Innotech family of companies was a natural progression of our existing business relationship.”

The new company, IWD Installation + Services, will function as a division of Innotech Windows + Doors, Inc. with Franco Dema as the President and General Manager of the new company. Dema will oversee all installation, service and maintenance, and renovation contracts for Innotech Windows + Doors. “Our entire team is excited to partner with Innotech,” says Franco Dema. “Together, we will provide an unmatched level of support for all of our clients to ensure long-term satisfaction with Innotech products.”