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Design Ideas for Kitchen Sink Windows

At one point in history, an operable window above the kitchen sink became the norm. And why not? The kitchen sink window used to be the only window in the kitchen (and still is for many homes today). Natural ventilation in the kitchen is necessary (think burnt toast!). And  looking outside while doing the dishes certainly makes the mundane task a little more enjoyable.

While the kitchen sink window is a standard feature in most kitchens, it’s slightly different when designing a kitchen with tilt and turn windows. Tall kitchen faucets are all the rage. Because our windows turn inwards for quick ventilation and safe cleaning, it’s important to consider the placement of the faucet relative to the operable window(s).

We’ve taken a look through our projects and found the best kitchen sink window designs for tilt and turn windows. In these gorgeous kitchens, the design of the window above the sink accommodates the tall faucet and provides all the other benefits of the age-old kitchen sink window: natural light, ventilation and views.

Fixed and Operable Window Combinations

One of the benefits of Innotech windows is their ability to be combined in any number of fixed and operable combinations. This flexibility gives you the opportunity to design a window that truly fits your kitchen’s layout, design and function.  Here are a few examples:

In each of these kitchens, the window above the sink is fixed and flanked by two tilt and turn windows.

Tilt Turn Window Above Kitchen Sink

Tilt and Turn Window Design Above Kitchen Sink

Tilt and Turn Window Design Above Kitchen Sink

In this kitchen, there is only one operable window (far left) with two fixed windows (center and right):

Tilt and Turn Window Design Above Kitchen Sink

Another combination is a tilt and turn window combined with one fixed window. In the kitchen below, the fixed portion is much wider and is located above the kitchen sink offering an uninterrupted view.

Kitchen Window Design

Separate Fixed and Operable Windows

Depending on the size of the kitchen and the placement of the cabinets, you may have the option to have more than one window in your kitchen. In the examples below, the kitchen sink is paired with a large fixed window. The tilt and turn windows are separate from the large viewing window but still present in the space.

Tilt and Turn Window Design in Kitchens

Tilt and Turn Window Design for Kitchens

Windows Below Horizontal Cabinets

Horizontal cabinets doesn’t mean the end for windows. One of the advantages of tilt and turn windows is their versatility; they can be big or compact in size. In these three kitchens, the windows, both fixed and operable, are designed to complement the horizontal cabinets.

Tilt and Turn Window Designs for Kitchens

Tilt and Turn Window Design for Kitchens

Tilt Turn Windows with Horizontal Cabinets

French Tilt and Turn Windows

French tilt and turn windows also work really well above the kitchen sink. In most cases, the windows can still turn inward even in the presence of a tall faucet. You also have the option of combining the French tilt and turn windows with fixed windows to create the perfect design for your kitchen’s style and function.

French Tilt and Turn Windows

French Tilt and Turn Windows

For more window design ideas for kitchens, see our Houzz album Cooking with Sunlight.