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Cheakamus Centre Cabin Renovation

How do you build better? You start with a great team!

Last week, Innotech Windows + Doors had the opportunity to work alongside industry change-makers in a meaningful project for Cheakamus Centre.

Owned by the North Vancouver School District, Cheakamus Centre is an overnight field school and environmental studies facility located near Squamish British Columbia. Its powerful vision is to be a centre of excellence for environmental and indigenous cultural education.

Cabin 1 at Cheakamus Centre

Overnighting students and guests are housed in six heated pan abode cabins that were built in the 1960s. Cheakamus Centre began a phased deep energy retrofit project to significantly update the cabins; the new cozy cabins are not only more efficient to operate year-round, but are also noticeably more comfortable for lodgers.

With Cabin #5 and #6 completed in 2018, it was time to begin work on Cabin #1. For this cabin, Cheakamus Centre partnered with the BCIT School of Construction and the Environment, B Collective and 475 High Performance Building Supply to host a hands-on Passive House Principles class (BCIT CESA 1400) for  indigenous people from across the Province.

In addition to supplying the Passive House certified windows for the airtight building envelope, Innotech had the pleasure to teach the students about the ins and outs of high-performance windows and the importance of a well-planned – and better-executed – installation. Then to top it off, we assisted the talented team with the window installation.

At the end of the day, a blower door test was conducted to make sure the intended performance objectives were achieved. Drum roll… and they were! Cabin #1 scored a good 1.9 ACH, which achieved its goal of meeting step 3 of the BC Energy Step Code. Way to go students and teachers!

Innotech Windows + Doors would like to thank Cheakamus Centre for inviting us to be part of this legacy project. Not only was it an honour to share our passion for high-performance fenestration, but it was also truly inspiring to work alongside current – and future! – industry leaders.

We look forward to participating in the deep energy retrofit of Cabin #2!