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Built Green® Platinum in Vancouver

Blackfish Homes recently completed this modern BUILT GREEN® Platinum home in Vancouver, BC. The three storey, 3,500 square foot residence was designed to be highly energy efficient, have excellent indoor air quality, and be very durable. The home also achieved an impressive EnerGuide rating of 85.

The home features Innotech windows and doors in charchoal black exterior and interior. Two of our favourite spaces in the home are the dining room with classic Terrace Swing Doors that open onto a large outdoor living area and the living room with many large windows placed high on the walls that brighten the space.

Windows instead of Cabinets Interior Design

Windows instead of Cabinets Interior Design

Thank you Blackfish for trusting us with your building project!

All images courtesy of Blackfish Homes. Photography by Ema Peter.