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Airtight Timber Frame Home

Anyone can claim to manufacture high-performance windows and doors. Equally, any builder can claim to build energy-efficient homes. But as the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

In the new BC Energy Step Code, whole-energy modelling will be mandatory. However, many progressive building professionals have been using this approach for many years. One of the key components in whole-building energy modelling is on-site airtightness testing during and after construction. Using a blower door test, building professionals are able to determine if the building is constructed as designed and meets airtightness objectives.

We love it when our clients send us their door blower test results. Not only does it affirm that their projects are built to very high energy standards, but it also means that our windows and doors are performing in an installed project just as they should. Lentel Construction recently sent us the results for one of their homes and they were very impressive: 0.70 ACH50.

Read all the details here.

Congrats to the entire building team for designing and building such an airtight home.