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Tilt + Turn Windows



Tilt + Turn Windows achieve exceptional energy efficiency, air tightness, water resistance and sound control. Innovative European style Tilt + Turn Windows also provide excellent draft free ventilation and high levels of security. They are also easy to operate and are conveniently easy to clean.


Tilt and Turn Windows are available in a variety of sizes, colors and combinations. Our experienced team can help you select the right windows to meet your home's unique performance requirements and design style.  


Tilt + Turn Windows are ENERGY STAR® qualified for Zones A to D in Canada and exceed ENERGY STAR requirements in the United States. High performance Tilt + Turn Windows throughout your home will decrease your energy bills and ensure your home is comfortable in both winter and summer.

The Continuous Seal Technology and airtight construction block unwanted drafts. Tilt + Turn Windows provide maximum air tightness. Enjoy a home filled with beautiful windows without compromising the comfort of your home. Ask us about our air tightness performance data.

Protect your home from water damage with doors that are water resistant. The welded frame and Continuous Seal Technology make Tilt + Turn Windows ideal for homes that are exposed to rain or ocean spray. Ask us about our water resistance performance data.

Tilt + Turn Windows provide the convenient option to tilt your windows to let in fresh air without compromising your home's safety. The Defender Hardware System features prevent windows from being fully opened from outside when in the tilt position. In addition, the durable hinges and internal steel reinforcement make it nearly impossible to pry the window away from its locks or remove it from its hinges when in the closed position.

Watch our window security demonstration:



Learn more about the Defender Hardware System.

Tilt Turn Windows Ventilation

Tilt + Turn Windows help to improve the indoor air quality of your home by replacing stale air with fresh air. In the tilt position, they provide abundant natural ventilation by allowing warm air to escape from the top while allowing fresh air to gently enter through the sides without the need to open a second window in the room.

Tilt + Turn Windows are easy to operate. The comfort grip handles provide exceptional control with a flick of the wrist to tilt your windows for ventilation, open it sideways for cleaning, or to lock and engage the Defender Hardware System.

Tilt + Turn Windows are available in numerous sizes, colors and combinations. Combine a Tilt + Turn Window with side or top windows, Picture Windows or your choice of Innotech doors for the perfect architectural expression in every room.

Tilt + Turn Windows are engineered to provide decades of optimal performance. From the steel reinforced and warp resistant framing to the corrosion resistant and adjustable and easily replaceable hardware, Innotech Tilt + Turn Windows provide lasting peace of mind.