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Pleated Shades for Tilt and Turn Windows and Exterior Doors



Fabric pleated shades help create an elegant and beautiful living space. These soft yet durable window and door coverings are made with a pleated fabric available in hundreds of colors.


Ideal for tilt and turn windows and doors, single and dual operation pleated shades can be installed on all Innotech products, including Tilt + Turn Windows and Tilt + Turn Doors. With various unobstrusive mounting options, the windows and doors can easily tilt or open even when the blinds are closed.   

Single operation pleated shades are fixed at the top and free hanging at the bottom. Only the bottom of the shade moves up and down. Single action shades are cord operated.

Dual operation (top down, bottom up) pleated shades can be moved from the top down or the bottom up. A tab at the top and the bottom of the shade lets you position the shade anywhere on the windows or doors to easily and accurately control lighting and privacy for every space.

Pleated shades can be mounted between the glazing beads (BTB), face mounted to the window, door or wall (FM), and ceiling mounted (CM). The mounting frames are available in two finishes: silver and white.

Pleated shades are available in 223 color choices from classic neutrals to dramatic bolds. Select from dozens of fabric designs such as sheer for maximum natural light to opaque or 'black out' for maximum privacy.