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Fixed Screens for Tilt + Turn Windows


Our fixed screens are custom designed to fit perfectly with your Innotech Tilt + Turn Windows. Made with an extruded aluminum frame and fiberglass mesh, our fixed screens are sturdy and durable.


The screens are mounted flush on the exterior of the window profile to ensure the frame of the screen doesn't take away from the window's sight line. This also helps to prevent trapped insects between the screens and the windows. The screens are also easily removed from the comfort of your home without the need to tug at the clips. 


Fixed screens are available in five frame colors to match our most popular window profile colors: white, cafe latte, brown, black and titanium. The durable fiberglass mesh is offered in charcoal grey and provides maximum visibility.

The screens are attached to the window profiles with high-grade stainless steel holding tabs to prevent rust. With a gentle turn of the tabs, the screens can be easily removed from the interior of your home for cleaning. 

The frames are custom made to fit your Innotech Tilt + Turn Windows. The screens are mounted flush onto the window profiles for a perfect fit.