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Profile Finish and Colour Options



Innotech offers a variety of low maintenance, scratch resistant and durable finish options for your windows and doors. Our finishes are engineered not to peel, crack or bubble, ensuring your windows and doors will look as good for as long as they perform.  


Select from co-extruded acryl-protect, laminated DecoStyle and custom color finishes:


The co-extrusion process results in unparalleled color veracity. Co-extrusion melts a colored layer of polumethyl methacrylate (PMMA) topcoat with the uPVC frame to form an inseparable homogenous bond between the two materials.


Even in projects where windows and doors were installed over a span of several years, there was no visible difference between the first and the last installation. PMMA is ideal for long lasting color performance. In comparison to any other color applications, it leads the field providing the best in color fastness, surface smoothness, extreme weather resistance, ease of maintenance, stratch resistance and heat reflectivity.


Innotech Colour Options - WhiteInnotech Colour Options - Cafe LatteInnotech Colour Option - Charcoal Black


Contact your Innotech representative for a selection of co-extruded acryl-protect colors.

Our latest range of color designs offers modern metallic and woodgrain styles. DecoStyle consists of an acrylic based, embossed, multi-layer foil that is bonded to the profile. It offers design flexibility (for example, woodgrain finish on the exterior and white finish on the interior), elegant look, weather resistance and ease of maintenance.



Contact your Innotech representative for our wide selection of DecoStyle finishes.


Despite every effort to accurately duplicate each color when photographed, actual colors may vary. Due to monitor, video card and/or operating system differences, variations in color and surface texture may not be fully revealed. Before making your final selection, please request a free sample of the color(s) of your choice.

Other custom color finish options are available. Contact your Innotech representative for more information.