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Security Options

Our Defender Hardware System is engineered to protect your home, but there are times when additional security may be required. Increasing the security of your Innotech windows and doors is easy. Whether you want to help protect your home from forced entry or need to safeguard your building’s occupants, we have the right security solution.

Tilt + Turn Window Handle LockWindow Handle Locks

Most often used for commercial applications, Tilt + Turn Windows are available with tilt before turn (TBT) hardware and optional key lock on the handle. In the locked position, the window can still tilt for ventilation but can not fully open.

Custodial Lock for Tilt + Turn WindowsWindow Custodial Locks

Tilt + Turn Windows are also available with custodial locks. Located on the bottom portion of the sash, these small key locks  allow the window to tilt for ventilation but prevent it from fully opening.

Dead Bolt Locks for DoorsDoor Locks

All of our doors are available with a number of different locking options, including with or without key locks and dead bolts.

Double and Triple Glazed Security Glass for Windows and Doors

You can also improve the security of your windows and doors by selecting high-security glass. Thicker glass, laminated glass or a combination of both are available.

 Mushroom Cam LocksAdditional Multipoint Locks

Increase the security of your windows and doors by adding additional multipoint locks to all four sides of the frame.