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Glazing Options

Innotech windows and doors are available with a variety of glazing options. Whether you need extreme weather performance, improved sound control, ultimate security or greater privacy, our glazing options can help your home be energy efficient, comfortable and secure.


Double or Triple Glazing

Most Innotech windows and doors are available with two or three panes of glass. The wide glazing cavity (1″ for double glazed and 1.5″ for triple glazed) allows the optimal amount of space between each 4mm thick pane of glass to help achieve maximum thermal performance.

Cardinal Glass LowE 366LoĒ Coatings

With three choices of Cardinal LoĒ coatings – LoĒ-180™,  LoĒ-270™ and LoĒ-366™ – you have the ability to control the performance of each window and door in your home.

Security  Security Glass

Some of your windows or doors may need extra security features, such as thicker glass, laminated glass or a combination of both for maximum security.

Decorative GlassDecorative or Privacy Glass

Decorative glass is an excellent solution for windows and doors in spaces that need a little extra style or privacy. Innotech offers ten decorative glass options. + See our decorative glass options here


Sandblasted Glass

Custom sandblasted designs are also available for entry doors and windows. Select from our designs or create your own. + View our sandblasted glass designs here

Neat+ Glass

Neat+ glass by Cardinal Industries is an optional coating applied to the exterior glass pane that help keeps your windows and doors 40% naturally cleaner. Neat+ harnesses the sun’s UV rays to loosen dirt and other pollutants leaving windows and doors cleaner for longer.

Notice: Due to supply chain shortages, Neat+ Glass may not be available at this time.

cardinal-preserve-protective-filmPreserve Protective Film

Preserve™ is a protective film that is applied to every Innotech window and door to help protect your investment from damages that can occur during shipping, installation and construction.