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Hillson Home’s Energy Efficient House

From beginning to end there was one overarching goal for this home in Calgary, Alberta – to make it as air tight and energy efficient as possible. Built by the amazing team at Hillson Homes and designed by Inertia Corporation, the 3, 566 square foot home features a number of highly energy efficient building materials including windows and doors by Innotech.

To achieve the project’s lofty goal, the home needed to be as air tight as possible. A number of  technologically advanced materials were utilized, such as:

  • Air tight double framed R37-rated walls
  • Spray foam and blown cellulose insulation in the walls and ceilings to create a thermally broken barrier
  • Innotech’s European-style energy efficient Tilt + Turn Windows and Exterior Doors

The Walnut Wood Foil Exterior and White Interior Finish windows and doors are triple glazed to greatly limit heat loss – ideal for the cold Calgary climate. The entry door is a unique offset Double Entry Door which includes an operable small side door for extra width. The living room is capped off with an expansive four panel Tilt + Turn Door, allowing the home owners to enjoy the best of indoor and outdoor living.

After testing the home achieved an EnerGuide score of 88, which translates to 60% less energy consumption compared to a standard home being built today. It also scored an exceptional air exchange rate of 0.5 ACH50 (air changes per hour at 50 pascals pressure), eight times better than an average modern home and 0.1 ACH50 better than the PassivHaus standard. It all adds up to one incredibly energy efficient house – one that is sure to keep the homeowners comfortable year round!