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Farmland Views

This spectacular Langley, BC home with its large glazing area presented a unique challenge for the home owner to make it a comfortable living year round. Perched on a rocky bluff in North Langley, the view from the property is breathtaking. From their back deck, the owners can look out over pristine farmland stretching out to the horizon, and in the distance the towering coast mountains provide a majestic backdrop for morning coffees.

The client wished to maximize the amazing views of their property, but they were concerned about sun exposure. The unique vantage point of the home gives it incredible views to the East, but leaves it exposed to a high degree of solar heat gain to the West.

Working with the appropriate glazing has helped to reduce heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. It has helped to create more comfortable living inside and reduce heating and cooling loads regardless of exterior climate conditions. In addition, the natural ventilation of the tilt and turn window system adds fresh air supply whenever needed or wanted even without any mechanical means. To help the windows combat the afternoon sunshine, the Innotech team also supplied a combination of pleated shades and venetian blinds. These window coverings provide more options to help reduce glare and eye strain in home office and study spaces, and help to reflect heat away from the home’s interior.

The family says response to the windows, doors, and window coverings has been overwhelmingly positive. “We were extremely pleased with the window and door product Innotech delivered. The engineering, quality of materials, and construction is outstanding [and] the beauty of the installed finished product is amazing” says homeowners Steve and Laura. The interior of the home is very comfortable, despite the sun, and they look forward to a lifetime of waking up to amazing views through their Innotech windows.