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True Triple Glazing

It’s true: just because a window or door has three pieces of glass, doesn’t mean that it delivers the performance you expect from a triple pane window or door. That’s why we refer to our triple pane products as ‘true triple glazing’.

True Triple Glazing

Many times, manufacturers will simply wedge a third pane of glass into a system that was designed for two. Unfortunately, while it may look like a triple glazed window or door, it falls short.

In order to deliver superior performance – the thermal, air, water, sound and structural performance¬† that is expected from a high-quality triple glazed system – the window and door system first needs to be engineered for three pieces of glass. Here’s what that means:

  • The frame and sash need to be engineered to be able to hold the weight of three pieces of glass. Low quality frames without adequate structural support will not be able to hold the weight of a triple insulated glass unit (IGU) without causing short and long-term failures.
  • The glazing cavity needs to be wide enough (read: wider than a double glazed system!) to accommodate three pieces of glass that are the right thickness without compromising the space between each pane of glass. Thin pieces of glass with small air gaps will not deliver better thermal and sound performance than a high-quality dual pane system.
  • The operating hardware needs to be able to withstand the additional weight of the triple glazed IGU. The added stress of the extra weight will quickly take its toll on low quality hardware making it difficult to open, close and lock the window or door.
  • The overall system needs to be engineered with carefully chosen, high-quality components that work together to deliver superior performance for many decades. All too often, a single component, such as the amount of glass or the frame material, get all the attention. However, a window or door is made with many components; attention needs to be given to the entire system when evaluating performance, durability and suitability for a specific project.
Passive House Suitable

The Defender 76TS System with triple glazing is a Passive House Canada suitable component. It delivers the performance required to achieve Passive House Certification. Contact your Product Representative to gain access to the thermal modelling data for use in the PHPP software. Thermal modelling of the Defender 76TS was conducted by RDH Building Science, a trusted independent consulting firm.

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We invite you to look beyond the glass to discover why our triple glazed windows and doors deliver superior performance.