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Innotech Presents to the Vancouver LEEP™ Builder Group

When we were asked to present to a group of Lower Mainland builders about our passion – high-performance windows and doors – we jumped at the opportunity.

A couple months ago, representatives from Natural Resources Canada’s LEEP™ initiative contacted us to see if we would be interested is discussing high-performance windows to the Vancouver LEEP Builder Group. It turns out, this group of 13 Lower Mainland builders identified Innotech as an expert on the application of high-performance windows and doors. After several interviews with Natural Resource Canada and the LEEP Builder Group representative, Innotech was selected from a handful of local and national window and door manufacturers as one of two local manufacturers to present on the topic of high-performance windows.

Natural Resources Canada’s Local Energy Efficiency Partnerships (LEEP) initiative is a builder driven technology assessment, selection and trial process. It is intended to help builders identify, assess and select new innovative technologies for their use in their projects to achieve higher energy performance. The BC’s Home Owner Protection Office, BC Hydro, Fortis BC, the City of New Westminster, and the City of Vancouver all worked with NRCan to bring LEEP™ to BC.

The Vancouver LEEP initiative was hosted at BC Hydro’s head office in downtown Vancouver. In addition to the manufacturers’ presentations, two additional fenestration experts were asked to present: Jonathan Zerkee from Sonbuilt Custom Homes and Al Jaugelis from RDH Building Engineering. Both discussed the importance of window design and installation methods for performance and durability.

For Innotech, Mika Laspa, our Sales Manager, discussed specific design features of our windows, reviewed some key performance data, and concluded with a discussion on the importance of investing in high-quality windows and doors. Here are a few highlights:

Design Feature:
Pressure Fitted Dry Glazed System

Identified by Al Jaugelis as one of the key design features of a durable window, dry glazed window systems not only perform better, but they perform for longer.

What is a dry glazed window system?

It’s a window that uses pressure from the frame – instead of sealants, glues or tapes – to hold the insulated glass unit (IGU) in the frame.

Why is this better than the more common wet glazed window system?

Sealants, glues and tapes fail over time due to thermal movements of the IGU and exposure to UV rays and weather. When these adhesives fail, the performance of the window takes a tumble. It’s also very difficult to properly replace these adhesives, which means even after a repair, the window may not achieve its original level of performance.

Performance Data:
U-Factors and SHGC

The Vancouver LEEP Builder Group asked us to discuss U-Factors and SHGC. U-Factor is a performance measurement of the heat transfer of the whole window, including the frame and the glass. Our triple glazed InnoNova_70.M5 fixed windows achieve a U-Factor of 0.96.

The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) is a performance measurement of the window’s ability to control solar heat gain. Our triple glazed InnoNova_70.M5 fixed windows with Low-E 366 achieve a SHGC of 0.18.

What is our “best” all around window?

The “best” all around window varies depending on your location, building style, building objectives and other factors. In BC’s Lower Mainland, we most often most often recommend our double or triple glazed windows with Low-E 277 as these provide a good balance between solar heat gain, visible light transmission and aesthetics.

An Investment

Windows and doors are a known weak spot in a home’s thermal performance. Wall assemblies are getting better and better, yet many people still install the same low-performing (with even worse durability!) in their homes.

It’s time we do things differently, after all, Albert Einstein famously said:

“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.”

Innotech would like to thank Natural Resource Canada and the Vancouver LEEP Builder Group for providing the opportunity to discuss high-performance windows.