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GBT Lab & Demonstration Centre Grand Opening

To celebrate the summer solstice, SAIT in Calgary opened the doors to the new Green Building Technologies (GBT) Lab and Demonstration Centre. The new applied research facility is the first net-zero commercial building in the Calgary.

The GBT Lab & Demonstation Centre was made possible through SAIT’s partnerships with the Government of Canada, the Government of Alberta, RBC, Avalon Master Builder and a number of industry suppliers, including Innotech Windows + Doors. As one of the four major sponsors, we supplied high-performance Tilt + Turn Windows, Picture Windows and Tilt + Turn Doors for the 590 square metre energy efficient facility.

“The Green Building Technologies Lab is moving the industry forward when it comes to net-zero construction and energy efficiency,” says David Silburn, SAIT’s Green Building Technologies Corporate Development and Applied Research general manager. “We will give students the knowledge, hands-on training and experience needed to be leaders in clean technologies.”

The windows and doors supplied at the GBT Lab & Demonstration Centre contribute greatly to the building’s overall energy efficiency. The durable window system, custom glazing, installation method and building design work together to contribute to achieve net-zero construction.

Innotech supplied our durable triple seal system for maximum thermal performance. Triple glazing with various Low-E and i89 coating combinations were used throughout the building for optimal solar heat gain; west and south facing windows have a low SHGC and east and north facing windows have a high SHGC. In addition to the glazing package, the windows were installed recessed into the wall (see image below), thereby increasing their overall installed performance. The south side of the building also has large overhangs to further protect the building from unnecessary solar heat gain in the hot summer months.

Window Installation Detail

The windows are installed recessed into the wall. The “innie” installation improves overall thermal performance by protecting the window from the elements.


The tilt and turn function of our windows also help’s the facility decrease its energy consumption. In the summer, the operable windows can easily be tilted for no-energy ventilation. Inside a building, warm and stale air naturally rises up the wall. The tilt and turn windows allow this air to exit from the top of the window as fresh, cool air gently enters from the sides. The result is a space that requires no energy for cooling and a much healthier indoor air quality.

Thank you to SAIT for inviting us to be part of this highly sustainable building.

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