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Venetian Blinds for Tilt and Turn Windows and Exterior Doors



Traditional metal slat venetian blinds offer timeless beauty. Select from a broad range of colored aluminum slats with contemporary surface textures and finishes for the perfect blinds for each room in your home.


Ideal for all Innotech windows and doors, single and dual operation venetian blinds can easily be installed on Tilt + Turn Windows and Tilt + Turn Doors. With various mounting options, the windows and doors can easily tilt or open even when the blinds are closed.

Single operation venetian blinds are fixed at the top and free-hanging at the bottom. They open and close with your choice of three lifting systems: chain, rod or motorized.

Dual operation (top down, bottom up) venetian blinds can be moved from the top down and bottom up. The slats are controlled with a small rotary knob positioned on the top right side of the frame, while the blinds move up and down with the touch of a tab.

Single Opreation models can be mounted to the ceiling (CM) or face mounted to the wall (FM). Ideal for large windows.


Dual Operation models can be mounted between the glazing beads (BTB) or face mounted to the window or door (FM). Ideal for Tilt + Turn Windows, Tilt + Turn Doors, and other Innotech doors.

The aluminum slats are available in two sizes (1/2 inch / 16 mm or 3/4 inch / 25 mm). Select from 87 different colors in your choice of finish, including silk matt, high gloss and wave. The slat are also available in three styles: solid, perforated and slat with perforated edges.