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Glazing Options



Innotech windows and doors are available with high performance double or triple glazed insulated glass units (IGUs) with your choice of Low-E coating and glass.


The right glazing package for your home depends on the regional buidling codes, geographic location (climate), weather exposure (sun or wind) of the windows and doors, and other requirements, such as security, impact resistance, sound control and wind load.


Our experienced product representatives can help you select the right glazing package for every window and door to meet your home's unique requirements.


Double glazed Innotech windows and doors are qualified for up to ENERGY STAR®Zone B in Canada and exceed ENERGY STAR requirements for all US Zones. Select your choice of Low-E Coating to increase energy and thermal performance.

For the best thermal performance, the space between each pane of glass in an IGU should be between 3/8" - 5/8". Our advanced glazing system allows for the ideal spacing (1/2") between each pane of glass and an overall thickness of 1-1/2" for maximum thermal performance.


The Innotech Hybrid System is also structurally engineered to support the weight of a high quality triple pane unit. The steel reinforced sashes, welded corners, multi-chamber design and heavy wall extrusions all contribute to the structural strength of our windows and doors. This contributes to the long term performance of the triple pane unit.


Innotech triple pane windows and doors are ENERGY STAR® qualified for Zone D in Canada and exceed ENERGY STAR requirements for all US zones.

Several specialized Low-E coatings are available. Most Low-E coatings are supplied with argon gas, except where capillary tubes are required.


Cardinal LoE2-272®

Combined with double or triple glazing, the LoE2-272® coating provides the best year-round performance. In winter, the LoE2-272 reflects heat back into the room; in summer, it rejects the sun's heat and damaging UV-rays. Whether it is hot or cold outside, your home will maintain a consistent indoor temperature for the ultimate comfort. 


Cardinal LoE3-366®

The patented LoE3-366® coating provides the ultimate in performance and clarity; it significantly reduces window heat gain (solar heat gain) without affecting the view (no tinting). It also blocks 95% of the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays to help protect your blinds, furniture and flooring from fading. The LoE3-366® is ideal for windows and doors that are exposed to a lot of sunlight, such as south facing windows and doors.


Cardinal LoE-180TM

The LoE-180TM winter climate control coating provides excellent insulating capability by blocking heat loss to the outside and reflecting heat back into the room. Combined with our triple glazing, the LoE-180TM is ideal for use in passive house designs.


Other Low-E coatings are also available. Visit www.cardinalcorp.com for more information.

In addition to double or triple glazing and different Low-E coatings, specialty glass is also available, including laminated glass, sea-storm hurricane glass, and a wide range of privacy and decorative glass. Ask your Innotech representative for details and samples.

Manufactured by Cardinal Glass Industries, Preserve® Protective Film protects your windows and doors from dirt and scratches during manufacturing, shipping and installation. All Innotech windows and doors are delivered with Preserve to help protect your investment and save you time.

Watch a short video on Preserve®:


Please read important facts about Preserve® in our Care + Maintenance prior to the delivery of your windows and doors.  

Neat® is another innovative product manufactured by Cardinal Glass Industries. Neat is a special coating that is applied to the exterior of the glass. It uses the sun's UV rays to help loosen dirt to help your windows stay cleaner longer. The low maintenance solution is ideal for Picture Windows and for hard to reach windows.

Watch a short video on Neat®: