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Lift + Slide Doors



Lift + Slide Doors let you effortlessly open very large doors. The operable (opening) portion of Lift + Slide Doors can be manufactured to as wide as 7 feet (2.13 meters) and combined with even wider side windows. Ideal for large doors and breathtaking views, or when a recessed low sill is desired (as for wheelchair access).


Lift + Slide Doors are available in a variety of sizes, colors and combinations. 



With U-values of 1.80 W/(m2•K) (0.31) with double glazing and 1.42 W/(m2•K) (0.25) with triple glazing.

The ingenius Lift + Slide hardware allows you to effortlessly glide the doors open.

The fully reinforced and robust construction is typical of Innotech, and the German hardware system promises a durable door for decades of optimal performance.