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Entry Doors

Our custom designed entry doors create memorable first impressions without compromising on performance and safety. Available as single or double doors with or without windows, with solid or glass panels, and in your choice of size and colour, our entry...

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Terrace Swing Doors

We invite you to rediscover patio doors with our high-performance Terrace Swing Doors. Ideal for renovations and new construction, our Terrace Swing Doors combine superior energy performance, outstanding durabily, high security and elegant design. Terrace Swing Doors are available in...

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Tilt + Turn Doors

Tilt + Turn Doors are patio doors that open two ways: they can tilt like our Tilt + Turn Windows or swing open like our Terrace Swing Doors. Tilt + Turn Doors provide the convenient option to partially open your...

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Tilt + Glide Doors

Designed for larger door openings, Tilt + Glide Doors combine performance and ventilation. With outstanding air tightness, sound protection and water resistance, Tilt + Glide Doors give you the convenience and security of tilt ventilation with a smooth gliding operation. Hybrid...

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Lift + Slide Doors

The Lift + Slide Door is engineered for extra large openings to offer unobstructed views. Energy efficient and easy to open, the Lift + Slide Door creates a seamless transition to your outdoor living space. Innotech offers two different Lift + Slide Door...

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Folding Doors

Our Folding Doors provide good thermal insulation to maintain consistent indoor temperatures. They are easy to operate to allow homeowners to effortlessly open and close the doors. Create bright and comfortable indoor living spaces that easily open up to...

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