beautiful living for generations
Project Name: 
Veer Lofts
Building Type: 
High Rise Multifamily
Seattle, WA

Veer Lofts is a LEED® Silver Certified 99 unit residential condominium that combines references to the neighbourhood's industrial heritage, innovative construction techniques and dramatic living spaces.


Innotech's titatium acryl-protect exterior finish allowed the architect to combine the reflective metallic look of aluminum with the energy efficiency and water resistance of a hybrid steel + uPVC pressure equalized fenestration system. The titanium acryl-protect exterior finish (exclusive to Innotech) is an acrylic glass layer integrally bonded to the window profile to provide a long lasting, scratch resistant color that performs for decades.


The high performance glass package features signficant visible light transmission with low U-values and solar shading to contribute to the year round comfort of the occupants. Combined with the Innotech hybrid system, the glass package also contributes to lower energy use in both summer and winter.


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