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Project Name: 
Site 17
Building Type: 
Mixed Use Multifamily
Seattle, WA

Site 17 is a two building multi-use complex in Seattle, Washington. Built less than a decade ago, Site 17 encountered significant construction defects within a few years of completion.


The two buildings are currently undergoing a full building envelope rehabilitation performed by Charter Construction. There will be strip and reclad of siding and installation of new windows, doors, roofs and decks.


Soltner Group Architects and Charter Construction selected Innotech for the retrofit because of our expertise, reliability and product performance. Innotech will supply Tilt + Turn Windows and Tilt + Glide Doors for the 522 openings in the North and South Towers. Innotech will be following a strict schedule for delivery of shipments, as there is little room for material storage in this busy downtown area of Seattle.


For any construction project, product selection is critical. Unfortunately, too many projects are often built with a focus primarily on the bottom line without evaluating the long-term costs. Selecting the right products along with a firm that has the operational experience to execute the contracts in an efficient and effective manner may mean paying more upfront, but can help avoid multi-million dollar repairs.