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The Rockwood Building, a new affordable housing and multi-use development in Portland, Oregon, is featured in the latest issue of DDC Journal.


+ Click here to read the article (p.138)

+ Click here to read the project profile


On Thursday, January 19th the British Columbia Building Envelope Council (BCBEC) and the Homeowner Protection Office (HPO), a branch of BC Housing, is hosting a half-day workshop on window installation.


"The workshop will focus on building enclosure and window installation requirements for thermal performance in new and retrofit buildings. Industry leaders will provide insights into key issues including:


- window to wall interface

- insulation strategies

- thermal and condensation performance of windows

- effectiveness in managing rainwater

- and building code, installation and energy efficiency standards."


Innotech's Director of Technology, Al Jaugelis, is part of the industry panel that will conclude the workshop with a discussion and closing remarks.


For more information or to register, download the schedule, program and bios [PDF - 2.58 MB] or visit www.bcbec.com.


The Homeowner Protection Office (HPO) recently released a Builder Insight bulletin prepared by RDH Building Engineering Ltd.


Builder Insight 9, entitled Fenestration Energy Performance: A Roadmap for Understanding Requirements for Residential Buildings in British Columbia, clarifies the energy performance requirements for windows, glazed doors and skylights used in residential buildings. It also provides a roadmap for compliance. 


To read the bulletin, download the PDF (849 KB).


One unit remains in this beautiful lake front condo in the Okanagan!


Recently featured in Okanagan Home Magazine, 402 Lakeshore Drive is a luxurious four-unit condominium located on the shores of Okanagan Lake in Penticton, BC. The two-storey building features a total of 7,268 square feet with two units on each storey ranging in size from 1,391 to 2,100 square feet. All four units feature high-quality construction, open concept floor plans and high-end finishing.


402 Lakeshore Drive, Penticton, BC402 Lakeshore Drive, Penticton, BC


Located across from public beaches, sound control and security were a priority. “It was important that we didn’t compromise comfort for aesthetics,” says Tony Giroux at Wesplan Building Design. “We wanted large openings to take advantage of the views and maximize natural light, but we also wanted our homeowners to be comfortable and safe.”


For more info and photos click here or visit www.lakeshoredrive.ca.


The Shire of Spring Willow is a new residential development by Norcan Development Corporation in Southwest Calgary. Featuring large lots and custom built homes, the new community is designed for discerning homeowners who seek urban living in a peaceful setting.


Shire of Spring Willow, Calgary, Alberta


To date, every home under construction in the 13-lot community has Innotech windows and doors. The builder, N of 1 Custom Home Projects, specified Innotech products for their proven durability, superior energy efficiency and easy to use operation. Every home has different colours, from traditional white, bold charcoal black, to rich mahogany wood foil, as well as different shapes, sizes and grid patterns.


For additional info and photos, read The Shire of Spring Willow project profile.


Innotech has been nominated for the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce 2011 Business Excellence Awards in the category "Manufacturing & Production Excellence". Thank you to everyone who voted for us!


The 16th annual Abbotsford Business Excellence awards will be held on November 23rd from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm at the Tradex in Abbotsford. Join us as we celebrate the very best of Abbotsford. For tickets and information, click here.


We would like to congratulate Team Canada on placing 10th at the 2011 Solar Decathlon! The team has worked tirelessly over the last weeks building, dis-assembling, re-assembling, dis-assembling and re-assembling (again!) the TRTL for the international competition in Washington, DC.


To view the results of this year's Solar Decathlon, visit www.solardecathlon.gov. Congratulations to the winners: Team Maryland!


Here are some photos our Technical Director, Al Jaugelis, took of Team Canada's TRTL concept home while he was in Washington:


Team Canada TRTL Solar Decathlon

Team Canada TRTL Solar Decathlon

Team Canada TRTL Solar Decathlon


For more information about Team Canada's 2011 Solar Decathlon entry, click here.


Join us on Friday, September 30th from 4 to 9 PM for an open house at our new showroom in Kelowna, BC: The Factory.


We're celebrating the opening of Kelowna's premier destination for building professionals and homeowners with a little wine, appetizers and mingling. Explore The Factory's two stories and discover building suppliers, designers and artists for your home or upcoming project.


 The Factory


The Factory is more than our showroom, it is a beautiful example of vision, design and community. Not long ago, 1302 St. Paul Street was an abandoned building with little hope of repair. Today, it is a contempory space that combines new technologies with architectural vision.


Learn more about this stunning retrofit project in the heart of Kelowna's cultural district here.


Scandinavian Hardwood Floors - Kelowna  Home Theater Concepts - Kelowna



In a recent article in the Vancouver Sun, Peter Simpson, president of the Greater Vancouver Home Builders' Association, reminds homeowners to make sure to secure their homes before going on vacation to prevent break and enters. He lists a number of useful tips to help thwart the bad guys, including making sure all your windows and doors are locked and bolted.


We'd like to take that tip one step further: When buying new windows and doors for your home, make sure to purchase windows and doors that offer built-in security against casual break and enters. Third party locks and bolts are good, but steel reinforced and multipoint locking windows and doors are even better. Don't make security an afterthought!


Innotech manufactures one of the most secure windows and doors on the market. In fact, during our annual open house, we have a competition we like to call "Break In and Win!". We give guests a sledgehammer and a crowbar and if they can break into the window or door, we give them a prize. So far, there haven't been any winners (except for the "fake house" behind the window or door!).


Learn how our Defender Hardware System can help protect your valuables. 


+ Read the Vancouver Sun article here 


Innotech Windows + Doors, along with official partners Trocal®Profine Group and Cardinal Glass Industries, is proud to be a Team Canada sponsor for the 2011 Solar Decathlon competition. 


Team Canada's concept house - Technological Residence, Traditional Living (TRTL) - is a net-zero home that features a range of materials that offer resistance to mold, fire and the extreme elements of Southern Alberta, Canada. The materials, including Innotech Tilt + Turn Windows and Terrace Swing Doors, were chosen because they also significantly extend the life of the building. 


+ Click for more info, photos and videos