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Cubicle life is maligned by the work force for many reasons, not least of which is the drab, monotonous feel of 'Cubicleville'. To fight this malaise, designers are creating spaces that maximize natural light and fresh air while minimizing noise - the three factors found to affect happiness and productivity in the workplace.


Mindflash.com put together this great infographic for building professionals that provides suggestions for creating a better workplace. (Click anywhere on the image to view it full size.)



A work space that has the right windows and doors can help increase productivity: windows and doors can help decrease outside noise, windows and doors can improve ventilation by allowing fresh air to enter a room, and windows and doors allow sunlight to light a space.


Learn how our Tilt + Turn Windows and Doors can help you design a healthy working environment or home.


Baboushkin Design Group is one of Calgary’s innovative architectural and interior design firms. With 38-years experience, Michael and Silvia Baboushkin, have put their award-winning stamp on over 80 restaurants, dozens of single family homes and several multi-family projects in and around Calgary.


“We have one goal,” says Michael. “To make each of our clients happy.” Michael and Silvia encourage their clients to take full ownership of the project. “We’re here to provide expert guidance throughout the design and build process to make it as enjoyable and manageable as possible.”


Private Residence, Calgary, Alberta

Acting as a guide involves helping homeowners select the right materials and products to help achieve their vision. “We recently specified Innotech products for two of our projects in Calgary,” says Michael. “The ability to design with extra-large window and door openings really allowed us to realize our architectural vision.”


In this ultra-contemporary residence [left], the clients – a young professional couple from Calgary – involved their children in the building process. “It was a lot of fun working with this family,” says Michael. “Because we had input from all four of the occupants, we were able to design and build a family home that reflects the lifestyles of both generations.”


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Private Residence, Calgary, Alberta


Located in Calgary, this modern, split-level residence features distinct spaces for the children and the parents. “The home is interconnected yet private,” says Michael. “The showstopper in this home is the beautiful kitchen and dining area. We designed the space with as many windows as possible to brighten the space with natural light.”


Private Residence, Calgary, Alberta

Private Residence, Calgary, Alberta


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One of our projects, the Queen of Peace Monastery in the Squamish Valley in British Columbia, was featured in the Spring 2013 issue of DDC Journal. 


Queen of Peace


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+ Learn more about the Queen of Peace Monastery here


Every year, the Canadian Home Builders' Association of British Columbia and BC Homes celebrates excellence in home building by hosting the premier Georgie Awards®. This year, three of our projects have been nominated as finalists:

Winter Residence by Ario Construction

2012 Finalist: Best Single Family Detached Home up to 2,000 sq.ft. under $500,000

The contemporary Winter Residence in Whistler, BC features a range of Innotech products, including Tilt + Turn Windows, Tilt + Glide Door and Terrace Swing Doors. The builder selected a titanium exterior finish to complement the modern black and wood coloured exterior of the home.

Ario Construction, Winter Residence

Ario Construction, Winter Residence

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Evergreen Kitchen by Blackfish Homes and Construction

2012 Finalist: Best Kitchen Renovation under $100,000

The Evergreen Kitchen renovation features an extra large 16' wide by 7' high Tilt + Glide Door. The unique three panel - fixed, operable and fixed - combination provides the homeowner with an uninterrupted view through the operable center panel.

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Kitsilano Residence by Rockridge Developments

2012 Finalist: Best Single Family Detached Home over 2,000 sq.ft. over $750,000

The Kitsilano residence features our popular Terrace Swing Doors with an titanium exterior finish and white interior finish. 

Kitsilano Residence

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Good luck to Ario, Blackfish, Rockridge and all of the other great finalists!

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The Bagley Nature Center, a classroom at the University of Minnesota Duluth, has been recognized by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and its Committee on the Environment (COTE) as one of the ten winners of this year's Top Ten Green Projects Program.


Bagley Nature Center, UMD


The COTE Top Ten Green Projects Program recognizes projects that demonstrate the highest accomplishment in environmentally sustainable architecture, combining inspired design, systems analysis, and evaluation of performance. In its 16th year, the program is the profession's best known recognition program for sustainable design excellence. An impressive jury evaluates all submissions based on ten sustainability measures and metrics to select the top 10 winners.


Completed in 2010, the Bagley Nature Center is a LEED® Platinum Certified project that has performed beyond expectations in terms of performance efficiency. The project features a host of sustainable building practices and materials, including triple glazed Innotech windows and doors, designed to help the building perform at its best in Minnesota's cold climate.


Bagley Nature Center, UMD


To learn more about the Bagley Nature Center and the 2012 COTE Top Ten Green Projects Program winners, visit AIATopTen.org.


Photo Credit: Paul Crosby



The Mississippi Watershed Management Organization's grand opening ceremony for their new community facility is Saturday, October 27, 2012. We're honoured to have been selected to supply the windows for this sustainable building that reflects the MWMO management practices for supporting water resources and treating storm water.




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Recently, one of our clients wanted to see first-hand how secure our Tilt + Turn Windows really are. We said, no problem!


The following is a video that shows us hitting our Tilt + Turn Window with an 8-lb. sledgehammer. We also use large crowbars to see if the frame can be cracked open.



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Innotech is a proud sponsor of Team Canada's entry into the 2011 Solar Decathlon, a semi-annual competition held by the US Department Energy that challenges students from around the world to design, build, and operate solar powered homes. Entrants are judged on energy efficiency, design appeal, and affordability, and while Canada's TRTL concept didn't win the competition, the team placed a very respectable 10th amidst a field of 20. 


But, recently the team was recognized with an award closer to home.




Innotech is a proud sponsor of Team Canada's entry into the 2011 Solar Decathlon, a semi-annual competition held by the US Department Energy that challenges students from around the world to design, build, and operate solar powered homes. Entrants are judged on energy efficiency, design appeal, and affordability, and while Canada's TRTL concept didn't win the competition, the Team placed a very respectable 10th amidst a field of 20. 


But recently the Team was recognized with an award closer to home. At the 21st annual Alberta Emerald Foundation Awards, Team Canada received a coveted Emerald in the category of "Education: School or Classroom", awarded to Alberta classrooms, schools or formal educational curricula and programs that have gone beyond normal practices to show leadership and creativity in educating students about environmental matters.


“I am extremely proud of the Team for achieving this prestigious recognition of their work in the Solar Decathlon competition,” says Loraine Fowlow, Faculty Lead for the project. “These students are fantastic ambassadors for the University, showcasing their talents in this highly demanding, international competition. Their success with this project highlights the value that the University of Calgary places on experiential learning and applied research.”


Innotech would like to pass our congratulations onto the entire TRTL team, and we are extremely proud to see this innovative and exciting learning happening in Canada. 


+ To learn more about the TRTL project, please visit their website; please click here


+ Team Canada produced a short video tour of the TRTL home; view the tour 


+ For more information and photos about Innotech and the TRTL project, click here




The Environmental Protection Agency has recently released its proposed changes to the performance criteria of the US Energy Star windows program.


One of the proposed changes is to set the maximum U-Factor of the Northern climate zone to 0.25-0.27. While an estimated 47% of window products currently do not meet this proposed target, most Innotech products* meet these requirements with dual pane glass and all Innotech products exceed these requirements with triple pane glass.

Energy Star Proposed Changes vs. Innotech Products

*To achieve 0.27 with e366, the panes must be 5mm/5mm. This qualifies all InnoNova products except the Tilt + Glide door, which remains at 0.28. This data applies to InnoNova products only.


+ To read about the other proposed changes, click here.


+ Learn more about Innotech windows and doors performance.


Our clients have one thing in common: they demand the very best for their projects. Dan Sawatzky at Imagination Corporation, a self-described storyteller extraordinaire and proud grampa, is no exception.

Front Elevations, Chilliwack Private Residence

Dan is currently building his dream home in Chilliwack, British Columbia and documenting every step on his blog. And for the record, this isn't your ordinary home building project. It encompasses more than high-performance products and technologies, it's the story of creative heart with an exceptional vision to build a home like no other.


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