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University Pointe


The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) recently held their annual ceremony for the Multifamily Pillars of the Industry Awards, which highlight creative development concepts, innovative financing strategies, great design, and superior management and marketing in the apartment and condo marketplace. This year Innotech was very proud to be associated with two projects nominated under the category of "Best Example of Green Building Concepts"; Expo Apartments in Seattle, and University Pointe at College Station in Portland. 


Beating out stiff competition from all across America, University Pointe was crowned the winner. LEED Gold certified, the student housing building was cited for its unique high density planning, green roofs, integration with local public transit, and its energy efficiency. Innotech supplied over 1800 windows to the project, which was completed under very stringent timelines.


Congratulations to our partners on the project, American Campus Construction, SERA Architects, and Walsh Construction for coming together to create such an amazing award-winning student residence.  


+ Read our project profile for University Pointe

+ Watch the nomiation video to learn more about all the projects



The Ridge in Kaslo, British Columbia is nearing completion! Built and designed by EcoCentric Design, The Ridge is a sustainable private residence on the shores of Kootenay Lake overlooking the majestic Kootenay Rockies.


The project features triple glazed Innotech windows and exterior doors in charcoal exterior and interior finish. The home has numerous extra large openings to take full advantage of the views. Custom shapes, combinations and creative placement of the windows throughout the home also make this home an architectural gem. 


Here are a few photos of the project taken this year throughout the building process. We'll be taking professional photos next year once the landscaping is complete and the sunny weather returns. Stay tuned!

 Private Residence, Kaslo, BC

Private Residence, Kaslo, BC

Private Residence, Kaslo, BC

Private Residence, Kaslo, BC

Private Residence, Kaslo, BC

Private Residence, Kaslo, BC

Private Residence, Kaslo, BC

Private Residence, Kaslo, BC


For more images, visit EcoCentric Design's blog


Images courtesy of EcoCentric Design. 



Department G, the Canadian Home Builders Association of British Columbia's environmental stewardship division, has announced the finalists for the 2013 department g Awards. The awards recognize sustainable building for single family homes in BC.


Sidney by the Sea 


The Innotech-supplied project 'Sidney by the Sea' is one of the finalists! The stunning West Coast style home was built by award-winning Coastal Construction. The home is a BUILT GREEN® Platinum certified oceanfront home. Designed by the homeowner, one of the home's most striking features is the expansive window and door wall seen above that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Learn more about the project here.


+ For more information about the department g Awards, click here

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Sarah Nettleton Architects, Home #9 AIA Minnesota, Homes by Architects


We love Home #9!


The AIA Minnesota Homes by Architects Tour is an exciting opportunity to tour beautiful homes in Minneapolis and St. Paul designed by talented architects. This year, home #9 of 23 is one of the highlights of the tour. 


Designed by Sarah Nettleton Architects, the LEED-certified, 4,000 square foot home is a mix of good design and sustainability. The home features triple glazed Innotech Tilt + Glide Doors and Terrace Swing Doors in a custom painted dark grey finish supplied by our local dealer Heritage Window and Door


+ For more information about Home #9 and the Homes by Architects Tour, click here

+ View additional photos of Home #9 on Houzz.com



Last night, Modern Classic Building Solutions hosted the Greater Vancouver Home Builders' Association's "Final Summer Hurrah" BBQ. Not only did we join in on the fun, but we made sure to add to it by bringing along our popular break and enter demonstration window!

Innotech Break and Enter Demo Window


Modern Classic is our only full-service dealer in Vancouver. Their beautiful showroom was the perfect venue for the BBQ. The food by Memphis Blues BBQ was delicious and the live music by the Horvat's was awesome. 

Modern Classic Building Solutions Vancouver Modern Classic BBQ Band


After dinner, we invited everyone outside for a little break and enter demonstration. Mike from Modern Classic was the evening's lucky "pretend thief". Using a prybar, hammer and sledgehammer, he had lots of fun breaking into our window. His break and enter skills were so good he even raised a few eyebrows from the crowd! ;)


Here's our tilt and turn window post break-in... yikes!

Innotech Break Enter Window


Thanks again to Modern Classic and the GVHBA for a great evening!


For more info on our high-security windows and doors, take a look at our videos from our Defend Your Home series: Break and Enter Demo and Security Glass Demo


Dominic Nickel, AAMA Scholarship Winner


Every year the American Architectural Manufacturers Association awards scholarships to the children of member firms and we're pleased to report that the son of an Innotech Windows + Doors employee was one of this year's winners. 


Dominic Nickel, son of Director of Business Development George Nickel, was awarded the scholarship on the strength of his grade point average, college entrance exam score, and a 500-word written essay. Dominic graduated from D.W. Poppy Secondary School in June with a 4.0 GPA, where he was a member of the volleyball team and was on the honor roll for four years. Dominic’s interest in the building industry started at the age of 13 when he began working a part-time job installing our windows and doors. Dominic is enrolled in the upcoming Fall semester at the University of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford BC, where he'll be studying engineering mathematics. 


"The AAMA is pleased to acknowledge the outstanding students who have dedicated themselves to academic and extracurricular endeavors in order to pursue a career in architecture, engineering and related fields,” says Rich Walker, AAMA's president and CEO. “By supporting these students on their journey to further develop their knowledge and passion, we are hopeful they will make valuable contributions in the building products industry upon completing their education.”


Congratulations to Dominic and to all the AAMA scholarship winners, and good luck in your post-secondary careers! + To view a full list of this year's AAMA's scholarship winners, click here



The Innotech Sales Team


The Summer is the perfect time for daytrips, even business trips, and so the Innotech sales team set off on Monday for a tour of Cardinal Glass Industries' factory in scenic Hood River, Oregon. This was the team's opportunity to see firsthand the modern manufacturing process that is required to create the best quality glass - and best performing insulated glass units - in the world.


Accompanied by Sales Manager Mika, our intrepid sales team including Martina, Jan, Darren, JJ, Sam, and Nicolay boarded Cardinal's private plane in Abbotsford. Thirty minutes later they touched down in Portland and a short drive then took them to the massive Cardinal plant perched in hills above Hood River. Nestled amongst rolling farmland, the huge facility is one of 34 Cardinal factories across the USA, but only one of nine that produce the insulated glass units (IGU's) used by Innotech in our windows and doors. The sealed units that Cardinal makes in Hood River are sent to us in Abbotsford and Morden for integration into our energy efficient windows and doors, which are subsequently installed across projects Western Canada and the US


Cardinal Sales Manager Clayton Watson and the entire Cardinal team welcomed us as he would close friends and gave us a first class trip around the factory. They showed us everything from the advanced robotics used to move sheets of glass around, to the high-tech quality control systems they employ. The plant turns out 24 tons of insulated glass per hour - or 21 miles of glass per day. At that rate, Cardinal could build a road of glass from their plant to our head office in Abbotsford, BC in just over two weeks!


One of the interesting facts we learned is that most of the glass produced by Cardinal is 2.2mm or 3.0mm thick. However, the glass manufactured specifically for Innotech windows and doors is always a minimum of 4mm thick (thicker depending on application, such as a need for higher wind load resistance or accoustical performance). Not all the glass from Cardinal is the same and when combined with superior frames, such as our Hybrid uPVC Framing System, the difference in performance is huge!


We can't show you everything (they have corporate secrets to protect!) but we can share a couple of videos available on YouTube. 


Here's a sample of the robots in use on the factory floor:


Here's a short video describing the quality control technology utilized by Cardinal:


Clayton was an excellent tour guide! Thank you to the entire Cardinal team in Hood River for hosting our team.

Innotech Cardinal Glass Plant Tour Hood River


After a lovely dinner hosted by Cardinal, they flew everyone back to Abbotsford and our team much more informed about the technology of glass-making and better able to help our clients understand why Cardinal Glass Industries combined with Innotech is the best choice for their homes and projects. 


Queen of Peace Monastery


This past March, Wood WORKS!, an initiative of the Canadian Wood Council, handed out the BC Wood Design Awards, which "serve as an opportunity to publicly recognize and encourage continued excellence in the building and design community and in the forest industry".


One of Innotech's favourite local projects, the Queen of Peace Monastery in Squamish, won in the category of "Interior Beauty - Design Award". The judges were very pleased with the way the exposed wood beams and the windows worked together to showcase the amazing views of the surrounding mountainside. Innotech supplied all the windows used in the living spaces and the dining area, as shown above. 


We're very pleased share this award with a|k|a architecture + design, and we hope their winning design helps convince other building professionals that vinyl and wood can work together to produce beautiful results. 


Here's a short video clip announcing the award. 


+ View the award abstract here

+ We produced a project profile on the Queen of Peace 


Photo courtesy of a|k|a architecture + design, © Andrew Doran.




There's nothing more exciting than seeing an excavator break ground for the future site of a beautiful new project! 


Casa Torre, Portland, OR


Casa Torre, a new single family residence by home designer and builder Christopher Gelber, is now in the beginning stages of construction. The three-storey, 3,000 square foot contemporary home is nestled in a steep hillside in the Portland hills with serene views of Forest Park. 


"I designed the house to take the greatest advantage of the landscape and so all three levels are elegantly tied to the land, interconnected by trails that meander across the site." - Christopher Gelber


Not only is Casa Torre a beautiful home to look at, but it will also be a comfortable home to live in. Christopher intends to build the home with state-of-the-art technologies that will contribute to a highly durable and energy efficient home - including Innotech Tilt + Turn Windows.


Casa Torre, Portland, OR


Read more about and follow construction progress of Casa Torre on Christopher Gelber's blog here


To see photos of Casa Nera, another project by Christopher Gelber, click here.


All photos courtesy of Christopher Gelber.





The Vermeer, Vancouver, BC


We're pleased to share an early look at a multifamily project we're very excited about – The Vermeer. Designed by Jim Bussey at Formwerks Architectural, engineered by Brenda Shaw at Level 5 Consulting and built by the team at Kindred Construction, Innotech helped The Vermeer overcome some very significant design challenges.


The Vermeer is a four storey, 14 unit “smart condo” development in Vancouver, BC scheduled to be completed this coming winter. The owners and the building team were looking to accomplish a number of important goals for their new building: spectacular aesthetics, high build quality, long-term durability, sound abatement, and water management.The Vermeer is located in the prestigious community of Kitsilano, surrounded by some of the most beautiful architecture and design in Canada. The design was the product of the talented team at Formwerks Architectural and was influenced by the European classical-style. Innotech's German engineered window and door offerings perfectly complement the European architectural design of the building.


The prime location of The Vermeer posed a potential noise pollution issue – the building sits on one of the busiest streets in Vancouver. Therefore, the project required a sound abatement solution that would provide a comfortable living space for homeowners. Innotech's multi-point locking windows and doors were the product of choice to achieve this most important requirement.


"The experience and attention to details for this project were OVER THE TOP. The windows and doors were produced and delivered on time. They are built tough; the second you open one of the doors you feel the strength of the product - they are the VERY BEST money can buy. The tilt and turn technology is safe and the airtight seal when the doors are closed make them the perfect product for this location." - Scott Nash, Senior Superintendent, Kindred Construction 


To deal with the water management issue Formwerks and building envelope consultants at Level 5 Consulting trusted Innotech's pressured equalized rain screen system. As a premier water management system it will provide the homeowners a sense of confidence that their investment will be secure for years to come. Adding to the durability of the fenestration is Innotech's standard steel reinforced high performance uPVC, which have a track record of superior durability over years of use.


“Level 5 Consulting has specified Innotech windows and doors on several of our projects - including some very difficult high-exposure projects from oceanfront hotels, high-rises and single family homes. We choose this product whenever possible water ingress is a big concern. We are also very pleased with the thermal performance of the windows and doors. Innotech gives excellent technical support and great service. They are a pleasure to so business with." - Brenda Shaw, P.Eng, President, Level 5 Consulting


The project has been an amazing showcase for what Innotech products can do; the ultimate in performance without sacrificing aesthetics. Truly the best of both worlds.


Here's a quick snapshot of the windows and doors installed in the still under construction project. Stay tuned for more photos!


The Vermeer, Under Construction

Photo Courtesy of A-Z Carpentry.