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Built Green Canada Platinum Certified Home in Vancouver


Blackfish Homes recently completed this modern BUILT GREEN® Platinum home in Vancouver, BC. The three storey, 3,500 square foot residence was designed to be highly energy efficient, have excellent indoor air quality, and be very durable. The home also achieved an impressive EnerGuide rating of 85.


The home features Innotech windows and doors in charchoal black exterior and interior. Two of our favourite spaces in the home are the dining room with classic Terrace Swing Doors that open onto a large outdoor living area and the living room with many large windows placed high on the walls that brighten the space.

Built Green Platinum Certified Home in Vancouver BC 

Built Green Platinum Certified Home in Vancouver BC


Thank you Blackfish for trusting us with your building project!


All images courtesy of Blackfish Homes. Photography by Ema Peter.


It takes an experienced building team to design and build a home like Cadence. With over 1,500 square feet of glass (weighing in at over 10,000 lbs!), dozens of configurations, and in as many shapes, the window and door package was highly complex.


Private Residence on Vancouver Island, BC


Joined by our long-time Innotech dealer, North Pacific Window & Glass, the homeowner and builder came to the mainland to visit our showroom in Burnaby. Spending many hours reviewing the architect’s blueprints, there were countless details to discuss: door types, swing direction, locking options, window size limits, window arch radius, glazing options, finish colours and more.


Once all the details were finalized, our dealer took the time to come to our head office several more times to ensure the order was error free. Together, we made sure all of the windows and doors were to code, built to the architect’s specifications and delivered on time for the builder. The team effort led by North Pacific was a success: Cadence was built to exacting standards.


+ For more images of this award-winning West Coast home, click here


Builder: TS Williams Construction

Architect: KB Design

Interior Designer: The Interior Design Group

Innotech Dealer: North Pacific Window & Glass

Photography: Artez Photography


Capri Architecture in Newport, Oregon specified our Tilt + Turn Windows for their newly renovated 300 square foot studio. The converted single car garage now includes a meeting space, generous work areas, creative storage and abundant natural light.


"The Oregon Coast is a challenging environment," says Dustin Capri, founding architect at Capri Architecture. "Innotech offers the only windows that combine elegant design with energy-efficiency that can also withstand our harsh coastal environment."


Capri Architecture is an architecture firm that strives to create places that enrich the local community and embody the values of the Oregon Coast. At Capri Architecture, a project is the synthesis of its design, its relationship with the world around it and its contribution to environmental sustainability. Husband and wife team, Dustin Capri, AIA, and Amanda Capri, AIA, leverage their knowledge of materials, technology and urban planning to create projects that appropriately address energy efficiency, carbon emissions, physical health, and natural resource protection.


Capri Architecture Studio

Capri Architecture Studio

+ For additional photos of the new studio, click here


When designing a home, it's difficult to have both: lots of wall space and lots of windows. Often, we must trade one for the other. However, that doesn't always have to be the case. 


In some spaces, it's entirely possible to have both. Installed high on a wall, windows can be used for natural light without compromising wall space or privacy. It's an excellent design solution for walls on the side of a home (no one needs to have such a close-up view of their neighbour), in bedrooms where privacy is a concern or other spaces where wall space is needed (for furniture, art or family photos).


Take a look at how these beautiful spaces get the best of both worlds:


 Blackfish Homes

BUILT GREEN Platinum Private Residence in Vancouver, BC | Builder: Blackfish Homes

 Blackfish Homes

BUILT GREEN Platinum Private Residence in Vancouver, BC | Builder: Blackfish Homes 

Penticton Private Residence - Innotech Windows Doors

Private Residence in Penticton, BC | + More photos

 Ario Construction

Private Residence in Whistler, BC | Builder: Ario Construction Inc.


Tilt + Turn Windows are an excellent option for basement egress windows. Although egress requirements differ slightly depending on your governing building code, the reasoning does not: in case of emergency, such as a fire, occupants in a room must be able to easily exit.


Large Opening Windows

Custom built to the size you need, the ability to fully open Tilt + Turn Windows into the room (as shown below on the far right) allows you to meet most egress requirements. By turning the handle up, the entire window turns inwards providing a large opening that can be used as an exit in the event of an emergency.


In addition, Tilt + Turn Windows provide excellent security, water penetration resistance and ventilation - three factors you need for basement windows.



High-Security Windows

Innotech windows are equipped with our exclusive Defender System. The Defender System combines multi-point locks, steel reinforcement and welded corners to provide proven protection from casual break-and-enters.


+ Click here to watch our Break-and-Enter Demonstration 


Water Resistant Windows

Regularly tested in-house, by third party laboratories and on-site, our windows are engineered and manufactured to be water resistant. Due to their proximity to the ground, basement windows are often a source of water penetration, costing homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs. The Defender System, combined with three weatherseals, ensures that when closed, Tilt + Turn Windows protect your home from expensive water infiltration.


+ Click here to watch the "Hurricane in a Box" video 


 Best in VentilationTilt for Ventilation 

In the tilt position (as shown in the middle image in the above photo), Tilt + Turn Windows provide secure and efficient ventilation by allowing rising warm air to exit at the top and fresh cool air to enter at the sides - without the need for an open door or second window! 


Whether you're building a new home or renovating an exiting home, selecting the right windows for your basement is an important part of building a safe and durable home. For more benefits of the Tilt + Turn Window, click here.


Edmonton Showroom


The latest city to call Innotech home is Edmonton Alberta, where we recently opened a new showroom. Albertans now have three choices when wishing to view our products as our windows and doors are also on display in our Calgary showroom, and we also have a dealer in Red Deer. The showroom, located near the Hazeldean neighbourhood, features a selection of fully-operable windows and doors allowing you to experience firsthand the quality and functionality of Innotech products.


Managing our Edmonton location is Dave Swan, a veteran of the manufacturing industry. Dave and his family make their home in Edmonton and they are very active in the community. He would love to get to know you over a cup of coffee, and as an Innotech fenestration expert he is qualified to recommend the products that will be perfect for your home. 


+ Click here for details and directions to the Edmonton Showroom


The new window and door building code, known as the North American Fenestration Standard/Specification or NAFS, now requires all entry doors to be tested to the same performance requirements as windows. Exterior doors must meet an air and water penetration resistance rating to be NAFS compliant.

Code Compliant Double Exterior Doors


Up until now, performance requirements for exterior doors have been either non-existent or disappointingly minimal. The new code requirements is a huge improvement in our industry, as historically, most doors have been the weak link in the performance of a building.


Innotech exterior entry doors have been tested to the new standard and are NAFS compliant. These include single and double inswing or outswing Terrace Swing Doors, single and double inswing Tilt + Turn Doors, and our Tilt + Glide Doors. NAFS is required by the 2012 BC Building Code (2012 BCBC), the 2010 National Building Code and other provincial and municipal building codes. 


+ To learn more about the new code requirements, click here


Glenbrook in Calgary, Alberta is quickly becoming one of the city's most popular redevelopment neighbourhoods. Currently under construction in Glenbrook is the contemporary duplex named "Mosman 42" by Campbell Design and Shelby Homes

Duplex Glenbrook Calgary Alberta


The building team's vision is to bring contemporary urban design and quality built homes to Glenbrook. Some of Mosman 42's features include:



"We made the decision to design and build Mosman 42 with durable building products," says Tim Saunders of Campbell Design. "Calgary home buyers want homes that not only have all the latest design features, but they also want homes that are well-built, energy efficient and safe for their families."


+ Learn more about Mosman 42 


We would like to extend our thanks to Al Jaugelis from RDH Building Engineering for accepting our invitation to host two important seminars on the new window and door building code at our showroom in Kelowna. Over 80 of the Okanagan's leading buidling professionals joined us for the AIBC-accredited seminars entitled "What Building Professionals Need to Know About the New Window and Door Building Code".


RDH Building Engineering, Al Jaugelis


The North American Fenestration Standard/Specification (NAFS) is the new building code for windows, doors and skylights mandated by the 2012 BC Building Code (BCBC), as well as the International Building Code (IBC), the International Residential Code (IRC) and the National Building Code of Canada (NBC). NAFS is a performance based standard that attempts to harmonize US and Canadian window and door manufacturing, testing and installation standards to help simplify cross border certification and spefication.


+ To learn more about NAFS, click here


Welcome to the final installment in our series of short articles exploring the damage severe weather can wreak and how Innotech windows and doors help prevent or mitigate that damage. For part one please click here, for part two click here, and part three can be found here.


As this series comes to an end it seems appropriate to look back and review everything it takes to protect a home from inclement weather. From the construction of a window to how it’s installed, the blogs have covered a lot of ground; here’s the short version.


Impact Resistance


Part one started with a bang – literally – as the importance of impact resistant windows was demonstrated with a video from Innotech’s testing facility:



Impact resistance is important because not only will a broken window allow debris or water to enter a home, but it can also lead to dangerous pressure differential scenarios that can threaten the structural integrity of the whole home.


So how do you make a window impact resistant? It comes down to quality; by utilizing high quality thick glass, combined with well-engineered durable frames and hardware, a window is much better protected against wind or water-driven debris. 


Air and Water Tightness


Inspired by the terrible High River and Calgary floods of 2013, part two examined how to create air and water-tight windows. Leaky windows are at best a nuisance and at worst destructive, so windows that keep bad weather outside the building envelope protect not only a homeowner's belongings, but also their wallet!


The video below shows the performance difference between well-made windows, and windows that aren’t built to withstand rough weather. The results are eye-opening:



Window Selection and Installation


Well-built windows with durable glass, frames, and hardware are essential to protecting a home, but they don’t mean a thing if the wrong type of window is selected for a space, or if it’s improperly installed. Using the example of Calgary’s basement egress windows this blog demonstrated that oftentimes the type of window selected becomes very important when dealing with specific spaces. Calgary’s building code contains strict guidelines that make tilt and turn windows the only logical choice for basement egress windows, and choosing the wrong type of window could be disastrous in severe weather.


Even putting the right window in the right spot won’t help if it isn’t correctly installed. Water and air can easily ingress into the building envelope around a poorly installed window, so it’s obvious why companies like Innotech mandate a very strict installation process. A good install should include these steps:


  1. Ensuring the window is perfectly level
  2. Installing weather-resistant seals
  3. Applying manufacturer-approved sealant
  4. Adhering to proper drainage guidelines
  5. Firmly securing the window in the opening




Want to ensure your new home is well protected from the elements? We invite you to speak to one of our windows experts – click here to find a showroom near you.