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With the warm weather upon us it's the perfect time to throw open your windows and let in some fresh air. But, did you know that when you maximize the ventilation in your home you're doing far more than replacing stale air? You're actually improving your health.


It stands to reason that fresh-air does a body good, but did you know that poorly ventilated homes have been linked to a number of health risks? A diverse group of organizations including the US Environmental Protection Agency, the US Center for Disease Control, and the BC Ministry of Health have all identified a number of hazardous side-effects to poor air quality:


  • dry mucous membranes
  • eye, nose, and throat irritation
  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • nausea
  • allergy or asthma attacks


The first step to safe indoor air quality is great ventilation; the more fresh air you can bring in from the outside the better. Circulating fresh air will help remove pollutants like second hand smoke, fungi and microorganisms, and possibly even harmful gasses like radon or carbon monoxide. That, along with limiting the sources of harmful pollutants, and utilizing quality air filters and cleaners, can make a big difference in your health. Proper ventilation will help you breath a little easier, literally and figuratively. 

Tilt and Turn Windows, Improved Ventilation 

To learn more about how Innotech windows and doors contribute to a healthy living space, learn more about the Tilt + Turn Advantage or contact us today to speak to a representative.



One unit remains in this beautiful lake front condo in the Okanagan!


Recently featured in Okanagan Home Magazine, 402 Lakeshore Drive is a luxurious four-unit condominium located on the shores of Okanagan Lake in Penticton, BC. The two-storey building features a total of 7,268 square feet with two units on each storey ranging in size from 1,391 to 2,100 square feet. All four units feature high-quality construction, open concept floor plans and high-end finishing.


402 Lakeshore Drive, Penticton, BC402 Lakeshore Drive, Penticton, BC


Located across from public beaches, sound control and security were a priority. “It was important that we didn’t compromise comfort for aesthetics,” says Tony Giroux at Wesplan Building Design. “We wanted large openings to take advantage of the views and maximize natural light, but we also wanted our homeowners to be comfortable and safe.”


For more info and photos click here or visit www.lakeshoredrive.ca.


Custom design your front entry door with Innotech. From colors to sizes, glass to solid panels, and with or without side windows, we can help you design a Front Entry Door with the wow factor you are looking for - not to mention the energy efficiency, security and durability!


This Front Entry Door in Calgary, Alberta features a double door with two Tilt + Turn Windows in a beautiful mahogany finish. For additional designs, click here.


Front Entry Doors Calgary Alberta


We invite you to join us at the upcoming Interior Design Show West in Vancouver from October 14-17, 2010. Western Canada's very best in design, art and architecture will be at the new Vancouver Convention Center with over 200 exhibitors showcasing leading residential design products and services. We will be in booth #808 / 810. See you there! 


+ For tickets and more info about IDSwest, visit www.idswest.com


Maximize your living space by connecting your indoor and outdoor living areas with beautiful Folding Doors.


Folding Doors - Naramata, BC 


Located in Naramata, BC, this breathtaking home features a large dining room surrounded by three sets of Folding Doors. With 180° views of Okanagan Lake, the dining room is a flexible space that can easily be transformed into an outdoor living area by opening three walls. When the Folding Doors are closed, the dining room is flooded in natural light and the stunning views remain uninterrupted.


There is less than one week left to visit the 2010 PNE Prize Home at the PNE Fair in Vancouver, BC! You can also visit Innotech at booth # 772 in the Home Depot Home Improvement Showcase located near the PNE Prize Home on the PNE Fair grounds.


Windows PNE Prize Home Vancouver BC

Windows PNE Prize Home Vancouver BC



+ Learn more about the windows and doors in the 2010 PNE Prize Home

+ Read the press release about Innotech and the 2010 PNE Prize Home (PDF)

+ Read the Vancouver Sun's article "$1.2-million PNE home a stage for winner"


The PNE Prize Home is featured in this month's issue of BC Home Magazine entitled 'The Designer Issue'.


Every photo of the beautiful 2010 PNE Prize Home features either an Innotech window, an Innotech door or both. The designers made sure to immerse every room in the home with natural light - from the beautiful great room to the practical laundry room. The large expanses of glass throughout the home also maximize the breathtaking Okanagan views. And with so many windows and doors, it was important to select energy efficient windows and doors to make sure the performance of the home wasn't affected.


Windows PNE Prize Home Vancouver BC


+ Read the article in BC Home Magazine (page 35 + 36)


Delta street in Ladner Village, BC was transformed into a cartoon-like town for the upcomming Nickelodeon movie The Fairly Odd Parents. One of the main buildings in the fictional town of Dimmsdale - the nicest town on Earth! - features Innotech windows! When not part of the movie set, the building is a new office building that was designed to meet Ladner's heritage construction guidelines. 


Office Renovation, Ladner, BC   Office Renovation, Ladner, BC  


Innotech is supporting the annual Earth Hour event. Earth Hour 2010 encourages people to show their commitment to energy conservation by turning off their lights for one hour from 8:30 - 9:30 PM on March 27. We've taken the pledge and we invite you to do the same! Sign up at www.wwf.ca/earthhour and show your commitment to conservation.


UPDATE: This post has been updated on October 1, 2010 to reflect the new 2010 ENERGY STAR requirements.


Innotech has a wide range of exterior doors available for high-rise, low-rise and residential project applications. Ideal for renovations or new construction, Innotech Terrace Swing Doors add value, comfort and security to any living space. Also available are durable and high-performance Front Entry Doors, Tilt + Turn Doors, Tilt + Glide Doors, Lift + Slide Doors, and Folding Doors


Say goodbye to poor performing patio doors!