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At Innotech we make it a prioirity to give back to the communities in which we live and today we're featuring one of our favourite community partners, the Southern Alberta Freestyle Ski Club (SAFSC). We've been a proud sponsor of the SAFSC for two years now, and it's been fun to watch the positive impact it's had on Alberta kids!



Based out of Calgary Alberta, the club is home to freestyle ski enthusiasts aged six and up. The boys and girls of the SAFSC train with professional coaches to improve their skills and fitness, and some of the kids even enter competitions located across Canada. They compete in adrenalin fueled events like Moguls, Big air, and Slopestyle, and they also participate in dryland training on trampolines. But, it's not just ski techniques the kids learn; they also learn important life lessons in team building, fitness, and discipline. The results? Happy, healthy kids, and big air:




Best of all, they arrive at every event in style in their custom-wrapped van:



We're proud to support these kids, and wish them the best of luck over this competitive season! Want to learn more? Visit the SAFSC at their website


Glenbrook in Calgary, Alberta is quickly becoming one of the city's most popular redevelopment neighbourhoods. Currently under construction in Glenbrook is the contemporary duplex named "Mosman 42" by Campbell Design and Shelby Homes

Duplex Glenbrook Calgary Alberta


The building team's vision is to bring contemporary urban design and quality built homes to Glenbrook. Some of Mosman 42's features include:



"We made the decision to design and build Mosman 42 with durable building products," says Tim Saunders of Campbell Design. "Calgary home buyers want homes that not only have all the latest design features, but they also want homes that are well-built, energy efficient and safe for their families."


+ Learn more about Mosman 42 


Baboushkin Design Group is one of Calgary’s innovative architectural and interior design firms. With 38-years experience, Michael and Silvia Baboushkin, have put their award-winning stamp on over 80 restaurants, dozens of single family homes and several multi-family projects in and around Calgary.


“We have one goal,” says Michael. “To make each of our clients happy.” Michael and Silvia encourage their clients to take full ownership of the project. “We’re here to provide expert guidance throughout the design and build process to make it as enjoyable and manageable as possible.”


Private Residence, Calgary, Alberta

Acting as a guide involves helping homeowners select the right materials and products to help achieve their vision. “We recently specified Innotech products for two of our projects in Calgary,” says Michael. “The ability to design with extra-large window and door openings really allowed us to realize our architectural vision.”


In this ultra-contemporary residence [left], the clients – a young professional couple from Calgary – involved their children in the building process. “It was a lot of fun working with this family,” says Michael. “Because we had input from all four of the occupants, we were able to design and build a family home that reflects the lifestyles of both generations.”


+ For more photos, click here



Private Residence, Calgary, Alberta


Located in Calgary, this modern, split-level residence features distinct spaces for the children and the parents. “The home is interconnected yet private,” says Michael. “The showstopper in this home is the beautiful kitchen and dining area. We designed the space with as many windows as possible to brighten the space with natural light.”


Private Residence, Calgary, Alberta

Private Residence, Calgary, Alberta


+ Learn more about Baboushkin Design Group


Innotech is a proud sponsor of Team Canada's entry into the 2011 Solar Decathlon, a semi-annual competition held by the US Department Energy that challenges students from around the world to design, build, and operate solar powered homes. Entrants are judged on energy efficiency, design appeal, and affordability, and while Canada's TRTL concept didn't win the competition, the team placed a very respectable 10th amidst a field of 20. 


But, recently the team was recognized with an award closer to home.




Innotech is a proud sponsor of Team Canada's entry into the 2011 Solar Decathlon, a semi-annual competition held by the US Department Energy that challenges students from around the world to design, build, and operate solar powered homes. Entrants are judged on energy efficiency, design appeal, and affordability, and while Canada's TRTL concept didn't win the competition, the Team placed a very respectable 10th amidst a field of 20. 


But recently the Team was recognized with an award closer to home. At the 21st annual Alberta Emerald Foundation Awards, Team Canada received a coveted Emerald in the category of "Education: School or Classroom", awarded to Alberta classrooms, schools or formal educational curricula and programs that have gone beyond normal practices to show leadership and creativity in educating students about environmental matters.


“I am extremely proud of the Team for achieving this prestigious recognition of their work in the Solar Decathlon competition,” says Loraine Fowlow, Faculty Lead for the project. “These students are fantastic ambassadors for the University, showcasing their talents in this highly demanding, international competition. Their success with this project highlights the value that the University of Calgary places on experiential learning and applied research.”


Innotech would like to pass our congratulations onto the entire TRTL team, and we are extremely proud to see this innovative and exciting learning happening in Canada. 


+ To learn more about the TRTL project, please visit their website; please click here


+ Team Canada produced a short video tour of the TRTL home; view the tour 


+ For more information and photos about Innotech and the TRTL project, click here




The Shire of Spring Willow is a new residential development by Norcan Development Corporation in Southwest Calgary. Featuring large lots and custom built homes, the new community is designed for discerning homeowners who seek urban living in a peaceful setting.


Shire of Spring Willow, Calgary, Alberta


To date, every home under construction in the 13-lot community has Innotech windows and doors. The builder, N of 1 Custom Home Projects, specified Innotech products for their proven durability, superior energy efficiency and easy to use operation. Every home has different colours, from traditional white, bold charcoal black, to rich mahogany wood foil, as well as different shapes, sizes and grid patterns.


For additional info and photos, read The Shire of Spring Willow project profile.


We would like to congratulate Team Canada on placing 10th at the 2011 Solar Decathlon! The team has worked tirelessly over the last weeks building, dis-assembling, re-assembling, dis-assembling and re-assembling (again!) the TRTL for the international competition in Washington, DC.


To view the results of this year's Solar Decathlon, visit www.solardecathlon.gov. Congratulations to the winners: Team Maryland!


Here are some photos our Technical Director, Al Jaugelis, took of Team Canada's TRTL concept home while he was in Washington:


Team Canada TRTL Solar Decathlon

Team Canada TRTL Solar Decathlon

Team Canada TRTL Solar Decathlon


For more information about Team Canada's 2011 Solar Decathlon entry, click here.


Innotech Windows + Doors, along with official partners Trocal®Profine Group and Cardinal Glass Industries, is proud to be a Team Canada sponsor for the 2011 Solar Decathlon competition. 


Team Canada's concept house - Technological Residence, Traditional Living (TRTL) - is a net-zero home that features a range of materials that offer resistance to mold, fire and the extreme elements of Southern Alberta, Canada. The materials, including Innotech Tilt + Turn Windows and Terrace Swing Doors, were chosen because they also significantly extend the life of the building. 


+ Click for more info, photos and videos


Custom design your front entry door with Innotech. From colors to sizes, glass to solid panels, and with or without side windows, we can help you design a Front Entry Door with the wow factor you are looking for - not to mention the energy efficiency, security and durability!


This Front Entry Door in Calgary, Alberta features a double door with two Tilt + Turn Windows in a beautiful mahogany finish. For additional designs, click here.


Front Entry Doors Calgary Alberta


Doing business in and around the Red Deer area, Hans Gelsing, one of our dedicated dealers in Alberta, now has a new vehicle wrap for his delivery truck. Having worked with Innotech for nearly two years, Hans wanted to spread the word about Innotech windows and doors. To help him out, we designed a eye-catching vehicle wrap with as much pizzazz as Hans himself!


Hans Gelsing Red Deer Dealer


Hans Gelsing Red Deer Dealer


Next time you see Hans, say hello with a couple of friendly honks! Or to contact him for your next project, click here.


Innotech is proud to announce that our dual action tilt and turn windows and doors are now available in Alberta. With a dedicated product representative in Calgary and a dealer in Red Deer, Innotech is excited to help homeowners in Alberta improve the energy efficiency of their homes with high-performance Innotech windows and doors.