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Tilt and Turn Windows Calgary, Alberta

We often think of interior design as a phase that happens after the construction of a home, once it's time for colour, furniture and home decor selection. But for great design to happen in new construction, it needs to start well before the project breaks ground. 


Christina Aldana is the lead decorator and owner of Calgary-based Aldana Design, Inc. Specialising in full-scale interior design projects, Christina consults homeowners throughout the entire new build process, from concept, construction to completion.


"A designer's role is to help fully craft and communicate the client's vision to the building team," says Christina. "Knowing space use flows, furniture and art placement, and lighting requirements before the plans are finalized allows the vision to be successfully realized. It also minimizes possible mistakes, helping save time and money."


Windows and doors play a vital role in the design of a home. Aside from aesthetic details such a colour and grids, window and door placement and size have a significant impact on a space. In addition to the overall look of a space, they affect all of the design fundamentals, including traffic flow, furniture and decor placement, and lighting needs.


For example, many homeowners want very large windows and oversized patio doors in their new homes. Without the input from an interior designer, more windows and doors can sometimes mean less wall space for furniture or artwork. Interior designers can help by offering creative solutions so homeowners can have the exact space they want without the need to compromise.


Christina designed this large custom-built home in Calgary. Featuring Innotech windows and doors, every space is intentional, functional and beautiful. "My favourite part of this home is the protected courtyard with the wood burning fireplace," says Christina. "We installed a large four-panel Tilt + Turn Door to access the space, making it a natural extension of the formal dining room. Even in winter, the homeowners can tilt the doors to listen the crackle of the fireplace during their meal."


Tilt and Turn Doors Calgary, Alberta

Tilt and Turn Doors Calgary, Alberta

Other spaces in the home, including the great room, kitchen, master bedroom, inglenook and guest bedroom, feature Innotech windows and doors that are designed and positioned specifically for each space. 

Private Residence Calgary Alberta

Private Residence Calgary Alberta Private Residence Calgary Alberta

Private Residence Calgary Alberta

Private Residence Calgary Alberta

Private Residence Calgary Alberta

Private Residence Calgary Alberta

Once every detail of a space is taken into account, building plans can be finalized and construction can begin!


Private Residence in Kaslo, BC


When the design of a new home begins with the need to keep as many of the trees as possible on the property, it's a sure sign the home-to-be will be energy efficient and sustainable. And that's exactly how The Ridge in Kaslo, British Columbia started.


"I was thrilled when I learned that many of the original trees on the property were not going to be cut down," said architectural designer Hajo Meijer from Ecocentric Design. "While many people would opt to remove the trees to have unobstructed views, the homeowners of The Ridge wanted their home to part of its natural landscape."


The result is stunning: looking out the large windows to the lake below, the trees make the house look like it's suspended in the air, floating in the tree tops. Here's the spectacular view from the master bedroom:


Private Residence in Kaslo, BC


The home also features a host of other green technologies and sustainable building materials. From super insulated walls and roofs, concrete floors and triple glazed windows and doors, the home is achieved an EnerGuide rating of 83. 


+ For more details and images of The Ridge in Kaslo, click here


It takes an experienced building team to design and build a home like Cadence. With over 1,500 square feet of glass (weighing in at over 10,000 lbs!), dozens of configurations, and in as many shapes, the window and door package was highly complex.


Private Residence on Vancouver Island, BC


Joined by our long-time Innotech dealer, North Pacific Window & Glass, the homeowner and builder came to the mainland to visit our showroom in Burnaby. Spending many hours reviewing the architect’s blueprints, there were countless details to discuss: door types, swing direction, locking options, window size limits, window arch radius, glazing options, finish colours and more.


Once all the details were finalized, our dealer took the time to come to our head office several more times to ensure the order was error free. Together, we made sure all of the windows and doors were to code, built to the architect’s specifications and delivered on time for the builder. The team effort led by North Pacific was a success: Cadence was built to exacting standards.


+ For more images of this award-winning West Coast home, click here


Builder: TS Williams Construction

Architect: KB Design

Interior Designer: The Interior Design Group

Innotech Dealer: North Pacific Window & Glass

Photography: Artez Photography


Glenbrook in Calgary, Alberta is quickly becoming one of the city's most popular redevelopment neighbourhoods. Currently under construction in Glenbrook is the contemporary duplex named "Mosman 42" by Campbell Design and Shelby Homes

Duplex Glenbrook Calgary Alberta


The building team's vision is to bring contemporary urban design and quality built homes to Glenbrook. Some of Mosman 42's features include:



"We made the decision to design and build Mosman 42 with durable building products," says Tim Saunders of Campbell Design. "Calgary home buyers want homes that not only have all the latest design features, but they also want homes that are well-built, energy efficient and safe for their families."


+ Learn more about Mosman 42 


Innotech Windows Fraser Shipyards Under Construction Fraser Shipyards, Superior, Wisconsin


The Fraser Shipyards in Superior Wisconsin have seen their fair share of amazing engineering, what with Coast Guard cutters, massive container ships, and huge barges all spending time in their docks.


This past July, the growing shipyard broke ground on their new expanded offices on Lake Superior's waterfront and Innotech was chosen to supply our high performance windows, adding our fenestration engineering to compliment the nautical variety. The project features 67 openings, which are filled with double glazed fixed windows, spectacularly dressed in our charcoal exterior and white interior. 


Scheduled to be completed in the coming weeks, we'll be sharing more photos of this amazing project once it's finished. For now, follow the link below to enjoy a selection of progress pictures provided by Fraser, and be sure to follow us on Facebook for more updates about the project!


+ View all the construction photos on Fraser Shipyards' Facebook page


The Ridge in Kaslo, British Columbia is nearing completion! Built and designed by EcoCentric Design, The Ridge is a sustainable private residence on the shores of Kootenay Lake overlooking the majestic Kootenay Rockies.


The project features triple glazed Innotech windows and exterior doors in charcoal exterior and interior finish. The home has numerous extra large openings to take full advantage of the views. Custom shapes, combinations and creative placement of the windows throughout the home also make this home an architectural gem. 


Here are a few photos of the project taken this year throughout the building process. We'll be taking professional photos next year once the landscaping is complete and the sunny weather returns. Stay tuned!

 Private Residence, Kaslo, BC

Private Residence, Kaslo, BC

Private Residence, Kaslo, BC

Private Residence, Kaslo, BC

Private Residence, Kaslo, BC

Private Residence, Kaslo, BC

Private Residence, Kaslo, BC

Private Residence, Kaslo, BC


For more images, visit EcoCentric Design's blog


Images courtesy of EcoCentric Design. 



Sarah Nettleton Architects, Home #9 AIA Minnesota, Homes by Architects


We love Home #9!


The AIA Minnesota Homes by Architects Tour is an exciting opportunity to tour beautiful homes in Minneapolis and St. Paul designed by talented architects. This year, home #9 of 23 is one of the highlights of the tour. 


Designed by Sarah Nettleton Architects, the LEED-certified, 4,000 square foot home is a mix of good design and sustainability. The home features triple glazed Innotech Tilt + Glide Doors and Terrace Swing Doors in a custom painted dark grey finish supplied by our local dealer Heritage Window and Door


+ For more information about Home #9 and the Homes by Architects Tour, click here

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There's nothing more exciting than seeing an excavator break ground for the future site of a beautiful new project! 


Casa Torre, Portland, OR


Casa Torre, a new single family residence by home designer and builder Christopher Gelber, is now in the beginning stages of construction. The three-storey, 3,000 square foot contemporary home is nestled in a steep hillside in the Portland hills with serene views of Forest Park. 


"I designed the house to take the greatest advantage of the landscape and so all three levels are elegantly tied to the land, interconnected by trails that meander across the site." - Christopher Gelber


Not only is Casa Torre a beautiful home to look at, but it will also be a comfortable home to live in. Christopher intends to build the home with state-of-the-art technologies that will contribute to a highly durable and energy efficient home - including Innotech Tilt + Turn Windows.


Casa Torre, Portland, OR


Read more about and follow construction progress of Casa Torre on Christopher Gelber's blog here


To see photos of Casa Nera, another project by Christopher Gelber, click here.


All photos courtesy of Christopher Gelber.





The Vermeer, Vancouver, BC


We're pleased to share an early look at a multifamily project we're very excited about – The Vermeer. Designed by Jim Bussey at Formwerks Architectural, engineered by Brenda Shaw at Level 5 Consulting and built by the team at Kindred Construction, Innotech helped The Vermeer overcome some very significant design challenges.


The Vermeer is a four storey, 14 unit “smart condo” development in Vancouver, BC scheduled to be completed this coming winter. The owners and the building team were looking to accomplish a number of important goals for their new building: spectacular aesthetics, high build quality, long-term durability, sound abatement, and water management.The Vermeer is located in the prestigious community of Kitsilano, surrounded by some of the most beautiful architecture and design in Canada. The design was the product of the talented team at Formwerks Architectural and was influenced by the European classical-style. Innotech's German engineered window and door offerings perfectly complement the European architectural design of the building.


The prime location of The Vermeer posed a potential noise pollution issue – the building sits on one of the busiest streets in Vancouver. Therefore, the project required a sound abatement solution that would provide a comfortable living space for homeowners. Innotech's multi-point locking windows and doors were the product of choice to achieve this most important requirement.


"The experience and attention to details for this project were OVER THE TOP. The windows and doors were produced and delivered on time. They are built tough; the second you open one of the doors you feel the strength of the product - they are the VERY BEST money can buy. The tilt and turn technology is safe and the airtight seal when the doors are closed make them the perfect product for this location." - Scott Nash, Senior Superintendent, Kindred Construction 


To deal with the water management issue Formwerks and building envelope consultants at Level 5 Consulting trusted Innotech's pressured equalized rain screen system. As a premier water management system it will provide the homeowners a sense of confidence that their investment will be secure for years to come. Adding to the durability of the fenestration is Innotech's standard steel reinforced high performance uPVC, which have a track record of superior durability over years of use.


“Level 5 Consulting has specified Innotech windows and doors on several of our projects - including some very difficult high-exposure projects from oceanfront hotels, high-rises and single family homes. We choose this product whenever possible water ingress is a big concern. We are also very pleased with the thermal performance of the windows and doors. Innotech gives excellent technical support and great service. They are a pleasure to so business with." - Brenda Shaw, P.Eng, President, Level 5 Consulting


The project has been an amazing showcase for what Innotech products can do; the ultimate in performance without sacrificing aesthetics. Truly the best of both worlds.


Here's a quick snapshot of the windows and doors installed in the still under construction project. Stay tuned for more photos!


The Vermeer, Under Construction

Photo Courtesy of A-Z Carpentry.




House & Home, Canada's leading design and interior design magazine, featured an Innotech-supplied project in their July issue.


The fabulous home is located in Langdale on BC's beautiful Sunshine Coast and features stunning views of the Pacific ocean. While the home's proximity to the water makes for amazing seaside viewing, the harsh salt environment can do terrible things to traditional windows and doors. Innotech windows and doors, with their corrosion resistant engineering and materials, were the perfect choice to ensure those spectacular views will be enjoyed for years to come.


Pick up a copy of House & Home on newsstands before they're all gone!


House and Home Magazine