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Under Construction: The Vermeer in Vancouver, BC

The Vermeer, Vancouver, BC


We're pleased to share an early look at a multifamily project we're very excited about – The Vermeer. Designed by Jim Bussey at Formwerks Architectural, engineered by Brenda Shaw at Level 5 Consulting and built by the team at Kindred Construction, Innotech helped The Vermeer overcome some very significant design challenges.


The Vermeer is a four storey, 14 unit “smart condo” development in Vancouver, BC scheduled to be completed this coming winter. The owners and the building team were looking to accomplish a number of important goals for their new building: spectacular aesthetics, high build quality, long-term durability, sound abatement, and water management.The Vermeer is located in the prestigious community of Kitsilano, surrounded by some of the most beautiful architecture and design in Canada. The design was the product of the talented team at Formwerks Architectural and was influenced by the European classical-style. Innotech's German engineered window and door offerings perfectly complement the European architectural design of the building.


The prime location of The Vermeer posed a potential noise pollution issue – the building sits on one of the busiest streets in Vancouver. Therefore, the project required a sound abatement solution that would provide a comfortable living space for homeowners. Innotech's multi-point locking windows and doors were the product of choice to achieve this most important requirement.


"The experience and attention to details for this project were OVER THE TOP. The windows and doors were produced and delivered on time. They are built tough; the second you open one of the doors you feel the strength of the product - they are the VERY BEST money can buy. The tilt and turn technology is safe and the airtight seal when the doors are closed make them the perfect product for this location." - Scott Nash, Senior Superintendent, Kindred Construction 


To deal with the water management issue Formwerks and building envelope consultants at Level 5 Consulting trusted Innotech's pressured equalized rain screen system. As a premier water management system it will provide the homeowners a sense of confidence that their investment will be secure for years to come. Adding to the durability of the fenestration is Innotech's standard steel reinforced high performance uPVC, which have a track record of superior durability over years of use.


“Level 5 Consulting has specified Innotech windows and doors on several of our projects - including some very difficult high-exposure projects from oceanfront hotels, high-rises and single family homes. We choose this product whenever possible water ingress is a big concern. We are also very pleased with the thermal performance of the windows and doors. Innotech gives excellent technical support and great service. They are a pleasure to so business with." - Brenda Shaw, P.Eng, President, Level 5 Consulting


The project has been an amazing showcase for what Innotech products can do; the ultimate in performance without sacrificing aesthetics. Truly the best of both worlds.


Here's a quick snapshot of the windows and doors installed in the still under construction project. Stay tuned for more photos!


The Vermeer, Under Construction

Photo Courtesy of A-Z Carpentry.