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High Condensation Resistance of Vinyl Meets Green, Health Care Needs

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) recently published an articled entitled "High Condensation Resistance of Vinyl Meets Green, Health Care Needs". The article takes a look at the benefits of high performance vinyl windows for use in health care facilities:


"In the health care world in particular, green building practices are expanding design visions to emphasize beneficial daylighting, energy efficiency and other key green criteria, while accomplishing the latest sector-specific missions of reducing health care errors; discouraging the spread of infectious agents; improving sound attenuation; increasing patient well-being and enhancing physical security. High-efficiency vinyl windows with high CRF values should be of particular interest to hospitals and other medical facilities because moisture provides fertile ground for growth of potentially dangerous molds and bacteria, and can compromise sensitive diagnostic equipment. Smooth, non-porous surfaces also discourage the collection of dust and the spread of infection and are easy to clean. Windows with vinyl frames and integral blinds, sealed against moisture, dust and mold within insulating glass units, are a good option.


For all these reasons, the green movement, although initially virulently anti-vinyl, is beginning to take a second look at vinyl products, much as occurred in Europe more than a decade ago."


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