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big air


At Innotech we make it a prioirity to give back to the communities in which we live and today we're featuring one of our favourite community partners, the Southern Alberta Freestyle Ski Club (SAFSC). We've been a proud sponsor of the SAFSC for two years now, and it's been fun to watch the positive impact it's had on Alberta kids!



Based out of Calgary Alberta, the club is home to freestyle ski enthusiasts aged six and up. The boys and girls of the SAFSC train with professional coaches to improve their skills and fitness, and some of the kids even enter competitions located across Canada. They compete in adrenalin fueled events like Moguls, Big air, and Slopestyle, and they also participate in dryland training on trampolines. But, it's not just ski techniques the kids learn; they also learn important life lessons in team building, fitness, and discipline. The results? Happy, healthy kids, and big air:




Best of all, they arrive at every event in style in their custom-wrapped van:



We're proud to support these kids, and wish them the best of luck over this competitive season! Want to learn more? Visit the SAFSC at their website


Complete Windows in Parksville, BC is a long-standing Innotech dealer. Over the years, they have built a reputation for excellence by continually offering their clients the right windows and doors, along with expert installation services, for their home renovation and building projects.  


A recent building envelope survey found that one of the main causes of building envelope failure is "poor construction practices and trade skills". Here's the truth: the very best building materials on the market will fail if not properly installed in accordance to manufacturers' instructions by experienced tradesmen. And when it comes to windows and doors, correct installation is critical to their performance. 


Complete Windows knows the importance of not only selecting the right materials, but ensuring they are expertly installed. As a result, they've grown from being a window and door contractor to offering their clients complete house renovation services. Years of experience in home renovations has given them an edge: not only are they aware of the potential challenges that are unique to renovating a home, but they have the expertise to overcome them. 


Complete Windows' understanding of building envelope science, knowledge of building materials and commitment to quality workmanship has allowed them to complete beautiful and energy efficient home renovations that provide their clients with decades of enjoyment.


Private Residence in Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, BC  

Private Residence in Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, BC

Hollywood has the Oscars, music has the Grammys, and the Vancouver construction industry has the Georgies. The 2014 Georgie Awards® nominations were just handed down and Innotech projects as well as Innotech clients are well-represented. Click the links in the categories below to learn more about the projects:

Custom Home valued between $1,500,000 - $3,000,000
  • Cadence, by TS Williams Construction

    Best Multi-Family Low-Rise Development
  • The Vermeer, by Kindred Construction

    Best Residential Renovation $100,000 - $299,999
  • Deep Cove Contemporary, by Vision Built Construction

    Best Single-Family Kitchen over $100,000
  • Cadence, by TS Williams Construction

    Best Best Outdoor Living Space - New or Renovation
  • Cadence, by TS Williams Construction

    Best Corporate Website
  • Hyclyff, by Invenia

    Best Environmental Initiative
  • Hyclyff, by Invenia

    Residential Renovator of the Year
  • Teragon Developments Ltd.

    Congrats to all our nominated partners; we love all of these projects and we wish you all the best of luck at the awards ceremony in February!

    Private Residence in Kaslo, BC


    When the design of a new home begins with the need to keep as many of the trees as possible on the property, it's a sure sign the home-to-be will be energy efficient and sustainable. And that's exactly how The Ridge in Kaslo, British Columbia started.


    "I was thrilled when I learned that many of the original trees on the property were not going to be cut down," said architectural designer Hajo Meijer from Ecocentric Design. "While many people would opt to remove the trees to have unobstructed views, the homeowners of The Ridge wanted their home to part of its natural landscape."


    The result is stunning: looking out the large windows to the lake below, the trees make the house look like it's suspended in the air, floating in the tree tops. Here's the spectacular view from the master bedroom:


    Private Residence in Kaslo, BC


    The home also features a host of other green technologies and sustainable building materials. From super insulated walls and roofs, concrete floors and triple glazed windows and doors, the home is achieved an EnerGuide rating of 83. 


    + For more details and images of The Ridge in Kaslo, click here


    Once a year (or more if required), we recommend you inspect and clean all window and door sills to make sure the gaskets are clean and the drainage holes aren't obstructed. Cleaning the window and door sills ensures the gaskets and drainage holes are all doing their job - helping seal your window or door when closed and allowing any moisture that may have entered to easily exit the frame. 


    We find the best time to this is at the end of summer or beginning of fall, when the insects are gone and your windows are closed more often than tilted. And if your windows are like ours, this is what they may look like after a full season in the tilt position: full of dead flies and dirt. 


    Dirty Window Sill


    Using the crevice tool on your vacuum, gently follow along the sill to vacuum up any debris. If dirt is stuck on the window sill, a slightly damp cloth can be used to wipe up anything the vacuum leaves behind. 

    Cleaning Window Sills


    Make sure to pay close attention to the drainage holes. These are located in the window sill AND on the underside of the sash (the part of the window that opens), as shown below: 

    Drainage Holes on Window Sash


    When done regularly, it only take a few seconds for every operable window and will ensure your tilt and turn windows are ready for the colder and wetter season ahead.

    Clean Window Sill


    After a quick clean, your windows are ready for the fall season!


    For complete care and maintenance instructions, refer to your Owners' Guide. If you require a copy, please contact your Sales Representative or our head office


    Window walls are still a rarity in many homes; most typical windows and doors simply don't have the structural performance required to build large openings.


    Innotech's Hybrid System allows our clients to design and build with extra large openings. Every window and doors is made with galvanized steel framing integrally bonded to unplasticized European PVC profiles providing excellent structural performance. 


    Building professionals also appreciate our products' design flexibility. Every design feature can be customized, from the windows' size and shape to the use of mullions and transoms, giving each window wall its own unique look. 


    The structural performance and design flexibility of our windows and doors allows architects to replicate the look of window walls in single family homes. Depending on the height and width of the wall, some structural beams may be required.   


    Here are a few of our favourite spaces that replicate the look of window walls:  


    Private Residence on Vancouver Island, BC

    Private Residence on Vancouver Island | + More Photos

    Private Residence on Vancouver Island, BC

    Private Residence on Vancouver Island | + More Photos

    Private Residence on Vancouver Island, BC

    Private Residence on Vancouver Island | + More Photos

    Private Residence in Calgary, AB

    Private Residence in Calgary, AB

    Private Residence in Calgary, AB

    Private Residence in Calgary, AB | + More Photos

    Private Residence in Ladner, BC

    Private Residence in Ladner, BC | + More Photos



    We love seeing beautiful photos of our clients' projects!


    Lately, we've spotted a growing kitchen design trend: replacing upper cabinets with extra large windows. And we've got to say: we love this look! It opens up the space making the kitchen look huge, floods the space with warmth and natural light, and is a wonderful departure from "cabinets gallore" designs.


    Here are a few of our favourite upper-cabinet-free kitchen designs:


    Private Residence, Vancouver Island, Window Design

    Windows - Kitchen Designs - Calgary, Alberta

    Windows - Kitchen Designs - Calgary, Alberta

    Windows - Kitchen Designs - Calgary, Alberta

    Windows - Kitchen Designs - Ladner, British Columbia

    Windows - Kitchen Designs - Abbotsford, BC

    Windows - Kitchen Designs - Kelowna, BC

    Oceanside, Oregon


    To see more kitchen design ideas - with and without upper cabinets - see our album "Cooking with Sunlight" on Houzz.com.


    Built Green Canada Platinum Certified Home in Vancouver


    Blackfish Homes recently completed this modern BUILT GREEN® Platinum home in Vancouver, BC. The three storey, 3,500 square foot residence was designed to be highly energy efficient, have excellent indoor air quality, and be very durable. The home also achieved an impressive EnerGuide rating of 85.


    The home features Innotech windows and doors in charchoal black exterior and interior. Two of our favourite spaces in the home are the dining room with classic Terrace Swing Doors that open onto a large outdoor living area and the living room with many large windows placed high on the walls that brighten the space.

    Built Green Platinum Certified Home in Vancouver BC 

    Built Green Platinum Certified Home in Vancouver BC


    Thank you Blackfish for trusting us with your building project!


    All images courtesy of Blackfish Homes. Photography by Ema Peter.


    It takes an experienced building team to design and build a home like Cadence. With over 1,500 square feet of glass (weighing in at over 10,000 lbs!), dozens of configurations, and in as many shapes, the window and door package was highly complex.


    Private Residence on Vancouver Island, BC


    Joined by our long-time Innotech dealer, North Pacific Window & Glass, the homeowner and builder came to the mainland to visit our showroom in Burnaby. Spending many hours reviewing the architect’s blueprints, there were countless details to discuss: door types, swing direction, locking options, window size limits, window arch radius, glazing options, finish colours and more.


    Once all the details were finalized, our dealer took the time to come to our head office several more times to ensure the order was error free. Together, we made sure all of the windows and doors were to code, built to the architect’s specifications and delivered on time for the builder. The team effort led by North Pacific was a success: Cadence was built to exacting standards.


    + For more images of this award-winning West Coast home, click here


    Builder: TS Williams Construction

    Architect: KB Design

    Interior Designer: The Interior Design Group

    Innotech Dealer: North Pacific Window & Glass

    Photography: Artez Photography


    Capri Architecture in Newport, Oregon specified our Tilt + Turn Windows for their newly renovated 300 square foot studio. The converted single car garage now includes a meeting space, generous work areas, creative storage and abundant natural light.


    "The Oregon Coast is a challenging environment," says Dustin Capri, founding architect at Capri Architecture. "Innotech offers the only windows that combine elegant design with energy-efficiency that can also withstand our harsh coastal environment."


    Capri Architecture is an architecture firm that strives to create places that enrich the local community and embody the values of the Oregon Coast. At Capri Architecture, a project is the synthesis of its design, its relationship with the world around it and its contribution to environmental sustainability. Husband and wife team, Dustin Capri, AIA, and Amanda Capri, AIA, leverage their knowledge of materials, technology and urban planning to create projects that appropriately address energy efficiency, carbon emissions, physical health, and natural resource protection.


    Capri Architecture Studio

    Capri Architecture Studio

    + For additional photos of the new studio, click here