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For Your Lifestyle Innotech windows and doors are engineered to provide homeowners with innovative solutions to every day challenges often associated with windows and doors.

Poor ventilation can compromise your health. Research shows that indoor air is often up to 100 times more contaminated than outdoor air. On average one person will create 4 liters of humidity per day (through cooking, washing, showering, sweating, etc.)


Irregular or inadequate ventilation quickly leads to damage caused by humidity or moisture.


In the long term, this poses a threat not only to the structure of the building, but also to the health of those inhabiting it. Moisture accumulates in places where you least expect it. Physical and mental fatigue is a result of unhealthy indoor air; it is the body’s negative reaction to high CO2 levels in the air we breathe.




Enjoy comfortable, healthy living without annoying drafts. Since warm air rises, the best place to open a window or door for ventilation is near the top. The tilt + turn design allows the window to be tilted in to draw warm, stale air out and causes fresh air to flow in gently from the sides without creating a draft. Because of the natural flow of air, circulation happens even if there is no wind blowing or no other open window in the room.


Good ventilation enhances your home comfort and at the same time contributes to the preservation of the building’s construction. Innotech windows and doors help to create a healthy indoor environment and long lasting home.

Windows and doors should not only keep out the elements but intruders as well.

Police studies and statistics in Europe as well as North America have proven that poorly designed windows, balcony doors, and terrace doors are to blame for almost 90% of all break-ins.




Choose more security:


With the following measures, you can make it virtually impossible for an intruder to gain access to your home:

+ Lockable handles

+ Reinforced window frames

+ Play it safe with the optimal combination of window profile and hardware.


All of our products come with our DEFENDER System, which includes multipoint locking hardware to provide far more security than conventional windows and doors. Reinforced with galvanized steel, each sash is surrounded by a band of steel hardware that bolts the frame at multiple points on all four sides when locked. In the tilt-open position windows and doors allow ventilation without granting entry to intruders.


For even greater security, impact-resistant glazing gives you even more peace of mind.

From icy cold winters to the heat of a desert sun, in corrosive urban environments or facing salty coastal storms; our integrated system of windows and door keeps you safe, dry, and comfortable, year after year.




No strangers to extreme conditions, they are used throughout North America and around the world. Every door and window features pressure-equalized rainscreen design with the center seal gasket, the same technology used to keep the tallest skyscrapers wind and water tight, while fully protecting the hardware from exposure to the elements.

The results speak for themselves. Whether the window is installed beside your front door or on the fourtieth floor, you can rely on our products just as architects do.

Sliding windows will either not provide a proper seal or they will be difficult to open. The crank on the casement windows wear out quickly. People need to be strong and use both hands to operate any of these type of windows.




Tilt + Turn Windows are easy to operate. With one handle, you can easily tilt, open or close the windows. Just turn the handle up and tilt the sash inwards for comfortable, draft-free ventilation. Turn the handle sideways and swing the sash open for easy cleaning and emergency exit. Turn the handle down and engage the multipoint locking mechanism to seal out the wind, rain and noise.


Learn more about the Tilt + Turn Advantage.

Vinyls - or uPVCs - are not created equal. Vinyl compounds differ widely from one another. Many plastics cannot withstand outdoor exposure even just for a few years.


These limitations, if not addressed through intelligent design and manufacturing methods can result in products that could miserably fail to perform for any given length of time.




Vinyl windows are not generic. Quality vinyl windows begin with the proper grade of building vinyl available from only a few manufacturers. Innotech's high impact strength uPVC provides windows that last for a lifetime.

Its colour and physical properties remain almost unchanged after 30+ years of exposure to the weather in locations all over the world. It is not subject to the usual aging processes: rot, corrosion or brittleness. The profile surface always maintains its “satin” finish. It will not chalk, fade, yellow or grow brittle like many ordinary vinyls. Projects all over Europe have passed the ultimate test — the test of time.

Windows give your home a face. Windows lend character to the faces of buildings. They emphasize façades or highlight particular elements. Because of these qualities, working with glass is becoming an increasingly popular trend in architecture.


The fact that uPVC is easy to work with means a wide range of shapes can be produced. Anything can be manufactured, including standard rectangular frames, or windows with a hinged top section, or round-top windows, and even more complex designs.


The right choice of windows creates the effect of a unique appearance and an overall harmonious impression. Modern and individual: windows become works of art.




The right window shape is a question of proportions. Every façade has an optical center. For this reason, building plans must target a harmonious and symmetrical arrangement of windows in the architecture, leaving a positive and lasting impression on the observer. Well-balanced proportions are also important if windows are to function properly.

The size of a window should always take into account the angle at which light enters the room, the size of the room, and how the room is used. The recommended size for windows in living rooms is no less than 10-25% of the room’s floor area.


Color, Wood Grains and More


Create accents with colours. uPVC windows don’t always have to be white. Bring colour, wood grain textures and metallics into play. Whether you want something striking, discreet, or a specific colour of your own, everything is possible.  Learn more about our finish options.




Designing with grids, mullions and frames. Shapes and colours, grids, mullions and other decorative profiles offer additional possibilities for the individual design of windows. TROCAL even provides everything needed to facilitate the restoration of historical windows.


You have the choice between “true” divided lites that actually partition the glass pane and “simulated” divided lites that are mounted onto the glass surface or installed in between the insulating glass panes.


All in all, these methods provide optimal design options for a harmonious effect, particularly for large window surfaces. Grids are mounted to the glass surface, installed in between the glass panes, or physically partition the glass.


Learn more about our decorative grids.

Windows are the thinnest elements of the building envelope, yet they must withstand extreme temperature fluctuations between outdoors and indoors at all times.




Money’s not for burning! Innotech windows are transparent structural elements with high thermal insulation. They keep the heat where it belongs – inside in winter, outside in summer.


With high thermal insulation values and low summer solar heat gain, Innotech windows experience less fluctuation in surface temperature. This helps you to save energy, keep your home temperature constant, and most important, make you feel comfortable at all times of year.


Thermally-insulating profiles, highly insulating glass, and draft-blocking triple weather seals combine to make Innotech windows and doors among the most energy efficient in North America.

Choosing the right glass for your climate is a big part of the comfort solution. Coated glass options from Cardinal Glass Industries will enable you to enjoy year-round comfort. Learn more about our glazing packages.

Enjoy peace and quiet with Innotech windows and doors.


Noise is detrimental to the quality of our lives. Blood pressure and heart rate go up involuntarily. With the right windows, you can enhance your well being and regain peace and quiet within your own four walls.


Technically speaking, the higher a window’s sound transmission class, the greater the absorption and less penetration of noise from outside. uPVC windows and doors give you permanent noise protection.